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Two prizes for nanoscience PhD students in the Scandem2017 meeting in Iceland

SCANDEM 2017, the 68th annual conference of the Nordic Microscopy Society was held in Reykjavík, Iceland, 5th – 9th June 2017. Two prices for best talks and posters were given to two Nanoscience students from Jyväskylä.

  • Mira Myllynen, the PhD student of Varpu Marjomäki was given a price for the scientific talk on the title: “High Throughput Screening In Search For Novel Regulators And Antivirals Of Enterovirus Infection”.
  • The poster prize was given to  Miika Leppänen, the PhD student of Lotta-Riina Sundberg and Ilari Maasilta. The title of the poster is “Imaging Bacterial Colonies and Phage-bacterium Interaction at Sub-nanometer Resolution Using Helium Ion Microscopy

Congratulations to Mira and Miika!

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