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Nanoscience seminars on year 2016

Seminars are arranged during the terms on weekly bases on Friday afternoons at 1 o'clock. Talk starts 13:15 in YN121 in NSC.

Anyone interested in the topic is warmly welcome!

26.8. Dissertation:Modeling of the Mechanical Properties of Carbon Nanostructures
Speaker: Topi Korhonen (Physics):
Opponent: Professor Vivek Shenoy (University of Pennsylvania, United States)

2.9. Dissertation:Studies of Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Phononic Crystal Structures
Speaker: Yaolan Tian
Opponent: Professor Karl Joulain (Université de Poitiers, France)

2.9. at 13:00 in YN330: On-chip purification via liquid immersion of arc-discharge synthesized multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Speaker: Matti Hokkanen (Department of Physics) 

17.6. at 13:00 in YN341: "Implementation of Third Generation Solar Cell Concepts using Nano-photonics" and "Plasmonic Silicon Solar Cells"
Associate Professor Vamsi Komarala (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Centre for Energy Studies, India)
Dr. Jussi Toppari

17.6. at 12:15 in KEM1: "Synthetic Lectins – The Host-Guest Chemistry of Carbohydrates in Water"
Speaker: Prof. Anthony Davis (University of Bristol, Unitend Kingdom)
Prof. Kari Rissanen

16.6.: Dissertation: "Ion Pair Recognition by Ditopic Crown Ether Based bis-Urea and Uranyl Salophen Receptors"
Speaker: Toni Mäkelä (Department of Chemistry)

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