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Nanoseminars and dissertations

Nanoseminars are arranged during the terms on weekly bases on Friday afternoons at 1 o'clock. Talk starts 13:15 in usually in YN121. Light and Matter -seminars are arranged every second week on Mondays at 09:00 in YN330. Computational material science seminars will be on Thursdays at 14:00, mainly in YN330. Anyone interested in the topic is warmly welcome!

Nanoseminars and dissertations

16.12. Dissertation
Speaker: Mari Martikainen (Cell and Molecular Biology)
More information will be announced later.

25.11. Nanoseminar
Speaker: Francesco Massel (Department of Physics)

18.11. Nanoseminar
Speaker: Andreas Johansson (Department of Physics)

11.11. Nanoseminar: "DNA origami-based dynamic plasmonic nanostructures"
Speaker: Prof. Anton Kuzyk

28.10. Dissertation: "Small things matter - Of phages and antibiotic resistance conferring plasmids"
Speaker: Sari Mattila (Cell and Molecular Biology)

26.10. Nanoseminar: "Delivery Vehicles Based on DNA Origami"
Speaker: Veikko Linko (Aalto University)

21.10. Dissertation: "Computational and Theoretical studies on Lattice Thermal Conductivity and Thermal Properties of Silicon Clathrates"
Speaker: Ville Härkönen (Physical Chemistry)

20.10. at 13:15 in KEM1 Seminar: "Crystal Engineering of Hybrid Ultramicroporous Materials"
Speaker: Prof. Mike Zaworotko (University of Limerick, Ireland)

14.10. Nanoseminar: "Direct comparison of lipid bilayer structures between simulations and experiments"
Spekar: Samuli Ollila (Aalto University, Helsinki)

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