Master's Programme in Nanoscience

Working in the laboratory

Nanoscience courses include two practical courses, there are also laboratory work in several subject courses of chemistry, physics or cell and molecular biology.

Master's Programme in Nanoscience

Five international students from four countries for the autumn 2015 have been selected. The application period will open by the end of 2015 for the studies that begin in September 2016.
The master’s programme requires two years of full-time study, 120 ECTS credits, for a Master of Science degree. The major is one of the following: cell and molecular biology, organic or physical chemistry or physics, the other two minors. The speciality  of the programme is the multidisciplinary approach in sciences.  In addition to major studies and advanced studies on related fields of science the studies include special courses on nanoscience. The courses introduce the students to both theoretical and experimental techniques of the nanoscience field. Master’s theses in the programme are always interdisciplinary.

The application period is yearly from November to February for the study year that begins in September.

International Master's Programme in Nanoscience has been running for 12 years and educating students coming from 20 different countries.  71 Masters of Science, have graduated from the program, most of them  have continued their studies towards the PhD. Master of Science in nanoscience graduates with a large toolbox of knowledge in natural sciences. The master’s programme provides excellent basis for postgraduate studies as well as for industry or public sector.

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Masters Program

Application period to
Master's Program in Nanoscience
1.12.2014 - 19.1 2015