Summer School

Information desk

You can find updated information about the Summer School, and the social program and register for the social program at the info desk.

Facilities and services


The lectures of the Summer School are held on the Mattilanniemi and Ylistönrinne campuses. The lecture hall dors are marked with the course labels. The codes of the lecture halls can be seen in the school timetable. The codes beginning with Ma (red buldings) or Ag (white building) refer to Mattilanniemi, and the codes beginning with FYS, KEM, YN or YA are situated in Ylistönrinne. See the map of the campuses here.

Information desk

Information desk is open daily throughout the entire Summer School session. The information desk is located in Mattilanniemi at the entrance of the building MaD. The Summer School Office is located in Ylistönrinne.Please confirm your attendance to the Summer School by registering at the info desk at the beginning of your stay. You receive your temporary student certificate which you need in order to get discount prices at student restaurants and also you receive your temporary Jyväskylä University account, which is needed to access most of the University’s computers and laptop connection. The information desk provides updated information about the Summer School and the social program and material about the universities and tourist information about Jyväskylä. There is more information on the bicycle rental and bus tickets, and also some information on activities outside the social program. You can register for the social program at the infor desk.

Computer facilities

You can receive personal user name and password for University's computer network. Your account is valid during the Summer School. With your user name and password you are able to log on the computers all over the campus areas. The University of Jyväskylä is part of the eduroam (education roaming) network. The configuration instructions are specific for your institution. If your device is not yet configured, please go to or contact your institution's IT staff. You can find the public computer labs on the campus area from this map.  If you have your laptop, you can use the Wlan network at the University. To access the University WLAN-network you will need username and password which you will get from the info folder. It is also possible to connect your laptop to internet in Kortepohja Student Village.


Students have a printing quota of 14 free prints for your studying material. The students can pay for more quota to their accounts from the Universitys Online Payment Services or from the University Shop Soppi (next to university library). When you print from your work station to the multiuse device, choose jysecure–printer. The document will be transferred to the server (for 24 hrs) waiting to be released from any printing machine anywhere in the campus. In order to use the device you have to register, that is to identify yourself. You can do this by entering your user ID and password, which are the same that you use in the university network. These devices enable you to copy, print or scan.

Eating at the student cafeterias

During weekdays you may have your lunch and coffee/tea in student cafeterias. At Mattilanniemi, in Agora building, the name of the cafeteria is Piato, in building MaA cafeteria is called Wilhelmiina and at Ylistönrinne cafeteria is Ylistö (building YFL). The lunch in a university cafeteria consists of a hot meal, a drink, salad and bread, and costs 5.0–8.0€ with the student certificate of registration, which you will get from the Summer School Secretary.  There are also basic cooking facilities in the dormitories and the summer hotels, where you can make breakfast and dinner yourself.

Science libraries

There are two science libraries at your disposal. The University’s main library (building B) at Seminaarinmäki campus is open from Mondays to Thursdays at 8:00–18:00, on Fridays at 8:00–16:00, and on Saturdays at 11:00–15:00. Two smaller libraries are located in Mattilanniemi (building MaA) and Ylistönrinne (building YK) campuses. These libraries are open from Mondays to Fridays 10.00–16.00. The Summer School students and lecturers can not borrow books from the libraries.

University Sports of Jyväskylä

University Sports of the University of Jyväskylä organizes academic sport services that include group fitness classes, ball game sessions and gyms in Kortepohja (Emännäntie 10, Building O) and Monitoimitalo (Kuntoportti 3). Jyväskylä Summer School Students can buy a sports sticker for 20 euros from webshop for the academic sport services and pick it up from the University Shop Soppi (next to university main library). Gym cards to Kortepohja gym are also available from Soppi. Attending to the group fitness lessons and ball game sessions is possible with online payment receipt. More information is available here.