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getting around in Jyväskylä

The easiest way of getting around in Jyväskylä is on foot or by bicycle and many people in Jyväskylä use a bicycle, especially during the summer.

Getting around in Jyväskylä

Local transport

The local bus network covers the entire Jyväskylä area. You can buy a travel card for a day or a single ticket. You can purchase a travel card at the Jyväskylä-info office at Asemakatu 7 or the information counter at the Sokos department store at Kauppakatu 24. The prices of single tickets, bought in cash on the bus, depend on the length of your journey. The lowest single fare is 3.00€ and after 11 pm the price goes up to 4.00€. The local transport information portal offers information on timetables and stops and gives you advice on the best public transport connection to your destination within city traffic. The nearest bus stop from the Jyväskylä Travel Centre (both trains and buses arrive at and depart from Jyväskylä Travel Centre) is located on Vapaudenkatu; when exiting the Matkakeskus, walk one block towards the city along Väinönkatu, then turn left at the crossing and walk straight on. You can also find taxis next to the Matkakeskus or phone Taxi Jyväskylä (+358) 0100 6900.

  • Bus number 5 drives from city centre to Mattilanniemi Campus, and Hotel Alba
  • Buses 18 and 18K drives from city centre to Kortepohja (Kortepohja Student Village, and Summer Hotel Rentukka)

Bike rental

The following firms rent out bikes for a couple of days or weeks:

When riding a bike you should use the bicycle paths marked with a sign. In places where there is no special bicycle path, please use the right side of the roadway, not the sidewalk. You should follow the same traffic rules as motorists. Also, remember to use lights on the bicycle when driving in the dark. Furthermore, we strongly recommend that you wear a helmet.