Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences

Sport and Health Research and Education covering the entire human life-span

We promote public health through physical education. We educate experts in the fields of sport and health sciences as well as produce research knowledge on physical exercise and health for the needs of various social sectors. Our ultimate goal is to increase and maintain people’s health, functioning and well-being at the different stages of the course of life.

Our teaching subjects include:

• Sport pedagogy, sport and exercise psychology, adapted physical activity, social sciences of sport
• The subject group of the biology of physical activity: biomechanics, exercise physiology, science of Sport Coaching and Fitness Testing
• Gerontology and public health, physiotherapy, sports and exercise medicine, health promotion and health education.

The scope of our research activities

The scope of our research activities covers the entire human life-span.

Our focal areas as designated by the University include:

• Research in biology of physical activity on neuromuscular functions
• Health sciences, health effects of physical exercise, aging and health promotion.

The focal research areas are linked with thematic consortia of multidisciplinary expertise. Our researchers are involved in two such consortia: “Children, youth and environments for growth” and “Aging and well-being”.

Unique education

The Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences is the only university-level unit for sport and physical exercise education in Finland. The Faculty also features the education branch of health sciences; as regards its provision, physiotherapy, gerontology, and public health as well as health promotion and health education cannot be studied as one’s major subject in any other Finnish university.

The Faculty has more than 1200 undergraduates and about 140 postgraduate students. Annually, the Faculty yields approximately 120 new Master-level graduates in sport sciences and about 60 in health sciences.

The administration consists of the Faculty Council and the Dean. Altogether, the Faculty personnel comprise about 200 employees working as teachers or researchers or belonging to the administrative and support staff.