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Research on health and well-being


The Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, because of its unique position, has the main responsibility for conducting research in the field of sport sciences in Finland. The faculty also has an important role in the development of research activities within health sciences.

The entire human life span is studied in the various departments and the separate research institutes. The aim is to maintain and increase the knowledge on health, functional capacity and well-being.

The strengths in our research are:

research on sport culture and physical education culture

  • ageing – especially changes in functional capacity in relation to ageing
  • neuro-muscular mechanisms and adaptation in physical exercise
  • research on health promotion and health education

Other essential research areas include:

sport and exercise psychology, adapted physical activity and dance

  • social significance of sport and the systems of sports planning and administration
  • utilisation of sports in promoting health and preventing diseases, in nursing and in rehabilitation
  • practices in physiotherapy and evaluation of them
  • health and well-being of children and adolescents, health education at school

More information on the research can be found from the websites of the discipline groups and research centres:

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