Day 3:  Friday October 25, 2019

Welcome all personal trainers, coaches, athletes and all persons in the Fitness and CrossFit® industry. This day of the symposium is especially tailored for you.

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Session IV: Wearables and technology in sport

  • 8.45 Basic training principles for optimal fitness performance and physique - Dr. Juha Hulmi, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

    Dr. Juha Hulmi (https://lihastohtori.wordpress.com/) is an Academy of Finland Research Fellow at the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, JYU. His major topics in research are the effects of resistance training and nutrition on muscle physiology. He has conducted research on fitness and track and field athletes. He consults coaches and personal trainers in seminars, as well as providing mentoring to a few high-level athletes.

    Dr. Hulmi presents a scientific point-of-view what you need to take into consideration when coaching people to achieve their own excellence.

  • 9:15 How to maximize strength training adaptations - MSc. Tuomas Rytkönen, Jyväskylä, Finland

    MSc. Tuomas Rytkönen (http://elamanfilosofiaajaurheilua.blogspot.fi/) is a strength-training specialist from Jyväskylä, Finland, who educates personal trainers in strength and conditioning. He is a professional coach for recreational and elite athletes in different sports. He is also a specialist in coaching strength training using people’s own body weight. He is a competitive strength athlete himself and he has won six Finnish championships in one-repetition pull-up with extra weights. 

    In his presentation, MSc. Rytkönen introduces current evidence-based approaches to gain strength via personal training in unfit persons through to athletes of various performance sports.

  • 9:45 How to build muscle and burn fat: Personal training in practice - MSc. Timo Haikarainen, Jyväskylä, Finland

    MSc. Timo Haikarainen (https://www.th-valmennus.com/) is a well-renowned Finnish personal trainer and strength and conditioning coach from Jyväskylä, Finland. He educates fitness professionals, gives lectures and writes for leading Finnish fitness magazines. His pursuit is to help his customers and fellow trainers to get better results and enjoy training more by connecting sport science research with practical experience.

    MSc. Haikarainen focuses his presentation on how personal trainers can effectively coach people of different backgrounds to lose weight while maintaining, or increase, muscle size.

  • 10:15 Coffee break and time for exploring the Technical Exhibition and posters

    Visit the sponsor exhibition on the third and first floors and take advantage of their special offers! Check out the very latest research findings in the poster exhibition on the first floor!

  • 10:45 Theoretical bases of CrossFit® training - Prof. Katie Heinrich, Kansas State University, USA

    Dr. Katie Heinrich (https://www.k-state.edu/kines/faculty/heinrich.html) is an Associate Professor and Director of the Functional Intensity Training Laboratory in the Department of Kinesiology, Kansas State University, USA. One of her research interests is High-Intensity Functional Training and she is a principal investigator in the “HIFT for Obesity Prevention, Fitness and Health Promotion in Military Personnel” study funded by the National Institute of Health, USA. She also works as a Faculty advisor at Kansas State University CrossFit® and Powerlifting Clubs. She has served as an item writer for the CrossFit® Coaching Certification Exam.

    As a world-renowned expert in the field of CrossFit®, Dr. Heinrich will tell you the scientific evidence CrossFit® training is based upon.

  • 11:45 Olympic weightlifting and how to utilize it for CrossFit® training - MSc student Eero Retulainen, Turku, Finland

    MSc. student in economics, Eero Retulainen (http://retulainen.com/) is an elite Olympic Weightlifter from Turku, Finland. He placed 4th position in the clean & jerk in the European Weightlifting Championships in 2018 with a score of 192 kg in the 94 kg bodyweight category. His next athletic challenge is the up-coming World Championships where he will defend 16th position from the last year’s competition. In addition to weightlifters he also coaches several CrossFit® athletes to reach their own excellence in strength related tasks.

    In his presentation, BSc. Retulainen will orientate listeners to the crucial role of Olympic Weightlifting training for successful CrossFit® training and competition.


  • 12:10  Lunch / lounas


 13:30 Modern Bodybuilding: Customizing your Physique with Science - Dr. Eric Helms, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand

  • Dr. Eric Helms (http://3dmusclejourney.com/about/eric-helms/) is a researcher at the Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand, Auckland University of Technology. Eric implements applied sports science research for strength and physique sports. A competitive athlete himself, he has pro status with the Professional Natural Bodybuilding Association and competes with the IPF at an international level as an unequipped powerlifter. Eric has been involved in the fitness industry since the early 2000’s, and he coaches strength and physique competitors at all levels.

    Dr. Helms will teach, based on research evidence, how you can systematically adjust training loads to optimize or maximize muscle and strength development.

  • 14:30 Current trends for fitness training and competition - MSc. Ville Isola, University of Jyväskylä, Finland

    MSc. Ville Isola (https://www.facebook.com/ville.isola) is a Manager and Head Coach in the Finnish Fitness Sports Association from Lahti, Finland. The topic of his MSc thesis was body composition and serum hormone concentrations in female fitness competitors. He has organized the Fitness coaching education system in Finland and coaches several Fitness athletes himself.

    You can learn from MSc. Isola what Fitness sports are all about; how to prepare for a Fitness competition, how Fitness athletes are judged, and what is needed to reach the top international level in the sport of Fitness.

  • 14:45 Fitness training in practice; seeking a perfect physique - Ms. Maiju Aalto

    Ms. Maiju (http://www.parisuhdebodausta.com/) Aalto is a Physical Therapist from Nokia, Finland. She has competed in Fitness since 2013 at national and international levels in Body Fitness class. She has recently completed a Fitness coach level 1 certification. She coaches several Fitness athletes and in her own competition career aims at the top level in Fitness sport.

    Training for the perfect physique in practice, Ms. Aalto will tell you her own philosophy in Fitness sports training, and discuss what works best in her Fitness training to reach her competition physical appearance.

  • 15:00 Coffee break and time for exploring the Technical Exhibition and posters

    Visit the sponsor exhibition on the third and first floors and take advantage of their special offers! Check out the very latest research findings in the poster exhibition on the first floor!

Session V: Healthy and unhealthy loading of the body

If you want to see the best results from a training program, proper nutrition is critical. This session is about the role of nutrition for packing on pure muscle, while keeping your body lean and powerful.

  • 15:30 Scientific bases of nutrition for optimal physique and performance in fitness sports - PhD student Eric Trexler, University of North Carolina, USA

    MSc. Eric Trexler (https://www.biolayne.com/blog/author/eric-trexler/ and https://www.med.unc.edu/ahs/research/phd-students/doctoral-students/eric-trexler)  is a PhD student at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, USA, with a research focus on how exercise and nutrition affect metabolism, performance, and body composition. He has been a principal investigator in the research project “An Evaluation of Physiological Post-Competition Changes in Physique Athletes”. Eric comes with the background in natural bodybuilding, powerlifting, and strength coaching, and currently holds certifications in sports nutrition (CISSN) and strength and conditioning (CSCS).

    During the presentation given by MSc. Trexler you will learn what is the research evidence on nutritional strategies to gain muscle mass and how to lose body fat while maintaining muscle size? How does nutrition contribute to the increases in strength levels? What are the research-based nutritional strategies to prepare for the competition?

  • 16:30 Diet for success; practical experiences in fitness sports - MSc student Eeli Halonen, Jyväskylä Finland

    MSc. student in exercise physiology, Eeli Halonen (https://www.facebook.com/EeliHalonenCBB/), is a Classic Bodybuilder from Lahti, Finland. He has competed since 2013 at both the national and international level with his best result, so far, #10 in the European Championships 2017. As expected, he is aiming higher in his competition career and would like to see himself among the top six at the European Championships in the near future.

    To apply science in practice, Mr. Halonen will discuss nutritional strategies in gaining muscle mass, competition dieting, and final week competition preparations that have brought him success.

  • 16:45 Symposium closing

    Closing remarks by the Symposium chair, Professor Keijo Häkkinen

  • 16:50 - 17:20 Chat with the experts

    After the symposium closing, all the speakers of the day (Friday) are available to you for further discussion on the third floor lobby right outside the auditorium. Come and continue discussion of the day’s topics in a more informal atmosphere with the experts!

  • 17:30 - 18:30 Laboratory tour or gym training with experts

    Where all the magic happens? Everyone wishing to visit in our world-class laboratory facilities are welcome to the laboratory tour in the Viveca building (Rautpohjankatu 8, see VIV at the top of the map in “Venue” section). Meet the guides 17:00-17:15 in a lobby of the Viveca building, please.

    Another option is to continue discussion with the experts in a more practical environment in gym just downstairs in the Liikunta building. What are the secrets of successful gym training regimens? Come and gain cutting-edge training knowledge from the specialists!

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