Laboratories at the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences

The infrastructure at the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, combined with our highly qualified staff, make it possible to perform world class research. The faculty’s laboratory facilities include human performance labs, bioanalytics labs, and technical labs. Having our own technical labs and staff make it possible to repair and modify equipment efficiently, but also enable innovative devices to be designed and built on-site, in accordance with researchers’ needs. The faculty infrastructure is a multi-faceted entity that is used by researchers and students from all disciplines. In addition to our own labs and equipment, our researchers have access to the Experimental Laboratory Unit of the Department of Biological and Environmental Science and some of the Psychology department’s infrastructure, where various devices are developed, including those suitable for measuring performance.

In the human performance labs we perform a diverse range of research projects. The research infrastructure can be applied to the study of performance in different populations, as well as to study the effects of various training interventions. A measurement protocol could include a vast range of measures such as forces, motion analysis, sensory tests or body composition. Using the facilities at the disposal of the bioanalytics labs, we examine the effects of exercise and other interventions from the perspective of overall body composition down to the level of tissue and even cell architecture.

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