Social Sciences of Sport trace national and international changes in sport culture

In Social Sciences of Sport we educate experts of sport, physical activity and leisure. The aim of the studies is to understand sport and physical activity as large social phenomena. Teaching is provided from the perspectives of sport sociology as well as sport planning and administration.


The studies include the following topics:

  •  Sport and leisure administration
  • Operational sectors of sport and civic activities
  • Sports ethics and history
  • Planning of sport facilities
  • Sport policy, sport administration and sport economics
  • Sports media, internationalisation and globalisation, environmental policy

Research in Social Sciences of Sport

The main research areas in Social Sciences of Sport include:

  • Changes in sports culture
  • Sports and physical activity as social phenomena
  • Sports and physical activity as an operational field for private, public and third-sector organisations
  • Physical activity in youth culture
  • Sport administration and its practices
  • Sport planning practices


Studies in Social Sciences of Sport

Social Sciences of Sport educates academic professionals and experts for the constantly evolving sectors of sports, physical activity and leisure. In these studies, you will learn broadly about different phenomena of sports and physical activity. Through optional studies, various project works and training periods, you can direct your expertise towards your preferences. Our graduates are typically employed in the fields of administration, communication or research, for example. The language of studies is Finnish.