Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences


Whether you are currently a student of the Faculty or planning to apply to study with us, you can find plenty of relevant information on these pages.

JYU sport science students at the International Day of DSHS Cologne

The Faculty hosts about 40-50 international non-degree (exchange or visiting) students each year. We also have two international Master's Degree Programmes; Biology of Physical Activity and Sport and Exercise Promotion.
  • Non-degree studies -  short-term studies in the Faculty: Exchange students from our partner universities, visiting students enrolled to a university abroad
  • Master's degree studies - how to complete a master's degree in the Faculty as an international student: International 2-year (120 ECTS) Master's Degree Programmes
  • PhD studies - how to complete a doctoral degree at the Faculty
  • Instructions for current students - information about academic practicalities such as general examinations etc.
  • Contact us -  International coordinator of the Faculty
  • Forms - useful forms in English, both for current students and applicants