Exchange students

The Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences annually welcomes about 50 non-degree students to study with us for one semester or one academic year. Non-degree students are normally accepted in the framework of our student exchange agreements.

Available courses for exchange and other short-term students:

Welcome session 4 January 2019, presentation (pdf)

CampusExchange students

(Erasmus, Nordplus/Nordlys, bilateral agreements)

Exchange students come from universities with which we have a valid exchange agreement. These students are registered at their home university and are in the process of completing a degree there. Credits for courses completed at the University of Jyväskylä (JYU) will be transferred to the home university degree. Before you can apply to the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences you need to be nominated as an exchange candidate by your home university.

The students from the following universities can apply as exchange students to the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences:

Exchange student application deadlines for the academic year 2019-2020

  • 15 May 2019 for the autumn term or the whole academic year
  • 1 November 2019 for the spring term

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It is recommended that you prepare a study plan with the home university to agree about the courses taken in Jyväskylä during the exchange stay. For Erasmus students, the learning agreement is obligatory. To make a preliminary study plan for your exchange period, please see the tentative course programme


Accommodation will be guaranteed for the exchange students if the application for accommodation is returned on time. Exchange students are advised to apply for accommodation as part of the Mobility-Online application no later than   

  • 15 May for the autumn semester / academic year
  • 1 November for the spring semester

There is no need to fill in any additional applications for student housing on the website of the university or on the websites of KOAS or Kortepohja. The exchange students will be accommodated either in the Kortepohja student village, situated about 2 km from the faculty, or at the KOAS student apartments. The accommodation includes a single bedroom with shared kitchen and bathroom.

More information

More information and the online application form can be found from the International Office website.