Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences

General examinations at LTK

General Examinations


Examination dates during academic year 2017-2018 (location L302, L303 or L304 at Liikunta building)

Autumn 2017Spring 2018 - Summer 2018
Mon 18 Sep at 8:15         Mon 22 Jan at 8:15
Mon 16 Oct at 8:15 Mon 19 Feb at 8:15
Mon 20 Nov at 8:15 Mon 19 March at 8:15
Mon 18 Dec at 8:15 Mon 9 Apr at 8:15
Mon 23 Apr at 8:15
Mon 21 May at 8:15
Mon 18 Jun at 8:15 *)
Mon 23 Jul Aug at 8:15 *)
Mon 28 Aug at 8:15 *)

*) for exchange students, this exam date is not available.

Registration for a general exam

The registration for the general examination takes place in the Korppi system where you can search the exam with the code of the course and then register for the next possible exam date. If you wish, you can take more than one exam on the same examination day.

The deadline for the book exam registration is always one week before the exam date at 12:00 (at noon). For the exam dates in June and July, the registration deadline is one week before the June exam date. Please note that late registrations will not be accepted!

General information on the exam session

The faculty examinations will start with a roll call in alphabetical order in front of the examination site at 8:15. You will be called you by your name and the questions will be given to you in the examination envelope.

You will be guided you to your seat. Leave your bag beside the wall of the examination room. Turn off your mobile phone. You may take with you only the objects that you need for writing and erasing, so you are not allowed to take bags, books, handouts etc. to your seat. The necessary sheets of paper for the examination will be given by the proctors.

The students should take a seat at every second chair and wait for the exam to be announced started before opening the envelope. When all students are seated, the proctors will give the permission to look at the questions. One of the proctors writes the time when the examination ends on the board. Usually the examinations last for 4 hours. You can leave when you are ready, but not during the first 30 minutes.

You are expected to be silent from the moment you enter the examination room to the moment you leave it. If you have any questions, raise your hand and one of the proctors will help you. Students with disturbing behaviour are expelled from the examination room. Please note that exams are individual efforts in Finland and that speaking to other students during the examination is considered cheating which will have serious consequences. In case of cheating, you will fail the examination and your home university will be notified.

When you have finished answering, give the answers and the question paper to the proctors sitting in front of the students. You may, however, keep the notes you have done on a separate sheet of paper during the exam. One of the proctors will check your identity, so remember to keep your identity card or your passport with you for that.

Standing regulations on general examinations for the students and staff of the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences

  1. The registration to the general examinations ends on Monday one week before the actual examination date at 12:00 (noon). Only on well-grounded reasons can the Head of Academic Affairs accept late registrations. These reasons do not include e.g. forgetfulness, ignorance or being out of town etc. For the general examination day in July the registration ends by the deadline for the general examination day in June.
  2. The examiner needs to deliver the questions for the general examination day to the person administering that particular exam subject at the service office of the faculty latest at 16:15 on Wednesday preceding the examination day.
  3. The results of the examinations have to be published within two weeks of the examination day. The results of the general examinations held between 1 June and 31 August can be published within four weeks, if the Head of Academic Affairs sees that there are grounds for the delay.
  4. Taking a distance examination is possible only with good reasoning and it needs to be accepted by the Head of Academic Affairs. The deadline for registering to a distance examination is two weeks before the examination date.


Some exams of the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences can be taken as eExams in the eExamination room at the library. The exams can be taken any time during the opening hours of the library. More information concerning the eExams