Application for Degree Certification

Once you have completed all the required studies for your degree, and all the grades are marked in the transcript of records, please contact the Study Secretary to compile your advanced studies. Once your advanced studies have been compiled, you can apply for the degree. You can apply for the degree either by using a paper form or via Korppi.

Only the courses which you want to include in the degree will be stated on the degree application form. You may have more credits than required (120 ECTS) for the degree and it must be clear which courses are included in the degree and which are left out. This is important if you wish to transfer the “unused” credits for any other degree at a later date.

If you apply for the degree with the paper form, you can return the degree application to the Faculty Office (L317) or send it by post to Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences, PO Box 35, 40014 University of Jyväskylä. Please note that the original application form is required and thus we cannot accept applications sent only as email attachments.

Most students wish to receive their degree certificate as soon as possible after submitting their applications. We are well aware of this, and do our best to process all applications without any unnecessary delay. However, be prepared to give us two to four weeks to work on your degree. During busy times, especially at the end of the year and in May, the process may take more time. If you need to have your degree processed very quickly, please inform us beforehand.

For further information and instructions, please contact Helvi Lamberg at the Faculty office (opintoasiat-lka@jyu.fi)