Korhonen Marko, Tutkijatohtori / Postdoctoral Researcher

Gerontologia ja kansanterveys / Gerontology and Public Health
VIV 156

Koulutus / Education:

  • Doctor of Sport Sciences, University of Jyväskylä  (2009)

Tutkimusintressit / Research interests: 

Physical activity, functional capacity, healthy aging, muscle, bone, sarcopenia, osteoporosis, rehabilitation, health  promotion, masters athletes   

Tutkimusprojektit / Research projects: 

  • Athlete model approach to understand the benefits of lifelong regular exercise on functional capacity and musculoskeletal health in old age - ATHLAS study 
  • Can regular exercise slow the aging processes in muscle and bone? International collaborative study on lifetime athletes
  • Effects of aging and training on sprint performance, muscle structure and contractile function in athletes

Viimeaikaiset julkaisut / Recent publications: 

  • Cheng S, Degens H, Evans M, Cheng SM, Selänne H, Rittweger J, Heinonen A, Suominen H, Strandberg T,  Alen M, Korhonen MT. What makes a 97-year-old man cycle 5 000 km a year?  Gerontology  (doi:10.1159/000443390), 2016.
  • Stenroth L, Cronin NJ, Peltonen J, Korhonen MT, Sipilä S, Finni T. Triceps surae muscle-tendon properties in older endurance- and sprint- trained master athletes and in untrained men. Journal of Applied Physiology 120:63-69, 2016.
  • Drey D, Sieber CC, Degens H, McPhee J, Korhonen MT, Müller K, Ganse B, Rittweger J. Relation between muscle mass, motor units and type of training in master athletes. Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging 36:70-76, 2016.
  • Del Vecchio L, McGregor C, Korhonen MT, Reaburn P. Lower limb muscular strength and power characteristics of masters road cyclists and age-matched sedentary adults. Cazzetta Medicina Italiana (accepted, 2016)

Julkaisut Tutkassa / Publications in Tutka