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Physical Education and Social Sciences of Sport

The Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences is unique in Finland as it trains all physical education teachers in the country and also a major part of the leading experts in sport management.

Thus we have a significant service function in providing higher education in the field of sport and conducting research in physical education, social sciences of sport, sport and exercise psychology and adapted physical activity.

The discipline of Sport Sciences is very active in international cooperation both in education and research.


All Bachelor level teaching is conducted in Finnish.

Students can major in either:

    • Physical Education (Teacher Education) or
    • Social Sciences of Sport

In English it is possible to study at the Master's level in the international two-year Master’s programme:

Physical Education

Teaching and research in the discipline of physical education concentrate on:

  • physical education teacher education
  • sport and exercise psychology (offered also in English)
  • dance pedagogy
  • adapted physical activity

The Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä is the only institution in Finland educating physical education teachers.

Social Sciences of Sport

The discipline of social sciences of sport educates professionals and experts in the dynamic fields of sport and leisure activities. The studies of this discipline include sport sociology and sport planning and administration.

Within these subjects teaching and research are conducted mainly in the fields of sport and leisure management, sport planning, sport politics, sport administration, sport ethics, sport history and sport tourism.

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