Student Life

ePortfolio for students

ePortfolio helps you to recognize your learning and skills.

Recognizing your own strengths is not always an easy task. In university you are crafting your own identity as a professional. However, this professionalism is often illustrated in a form of degrees and diplomas. ePortfolio is a tool which goes beyond these official documents. It aims to give you tools to describe your know-how in its entirety.

The ePortfolio environment combines of four categories:

  • Working portfolio
  • Objectives
  • Skills and competences
  • Presentation portfolios

Working portfolio: a personal archive of your skills

Working portfolio helps you to write down what kind of previous skills you have. It also encourages you to think your extracurricular skills. Working portfolio works as your private environment, where you can add your work experiences, studies, hobbies, voluntary work and international experience.

Also you can create notes to yourself and for others too if you want. From the Working portfolio -environment you can export examples to Presentation portfolios where your skills are demonstrated.

ePortfolio enables you to build your own skill archive where you collect different kind of documents, texts and other electronic material, which you can use to express your skills to variety of audiences. You can get the most out from ePortfolio, when you use it regularly and update your skill tree as you go along. Regular use will sure that you can see your skills improve periodically. ePortfolio will help you see the progress towards professionalism.

The ability of recognizing your skills is very important when applying for a job - and also at the workplace itself. To be able to use your talents in a right moment and at a right place is something what everyone will appreciate. Usually these skills are acquired slowly while in labour, but there is nothing to hold you back from enhancing these skills while you are still studying.

The skill of recognizing and improving your skills is part of expertise

ePortfolio is not only a tool where you gather your skills and demonstrate your previous experience, but you will also be able plan and design your studies in a way which are meaningful for your future. You are given the opportunity to think of your professional aims and goals which you are trying to achieve.

When setting a new goal, ePortfolio helps you to define what kind of special skills are needed to achieve this goal. You can also plan your studies in a goal-oriented-way. These plans are made in Objectives and Skills and competences -tabs.

Share your skills with Presentation portfolio

It is important that you are able to tell and recite the skills that you have. In the Presentation portfolio you are able to practice how to express yourself. You can build numerous different kind of Presentation portfolios, in which you are able to present your skills, experience and persona. These attributes can become alive through shared texts, pictures, videos, blogs, audios etc.

Presentation portfolios are sharable to public or to other users of ePortfolio - or if you like, you can keep it to yourself. The possibility to share different ePortfolios to different audiences is very useful, because now you can craft the image to your perfection, while taking into account who is your audience. Just as different jobs need different kind of resumés, also ePortfolios can have different outlooks.

Shortly put, in ePortfolio you are able to:

  • Gather different kinds of experiences and skills into one place, where the organization and sharing of these is easier.
  • At the same time you can create different kinds of Presentation portfolios, which point-out your different kind of skill-profiles
  • Create layers and narratives which show your development and identity developing through time