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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

What kind of information should I start adding to my ePortfolio?

The ePortfolio environment is divided into private and publishable sections. The working portfolio is private and can be used for tracking not only important experiences from your past, but also storing your best work or milestones for learning. As it is private, it is also a good idea to include reflections on your learning. Add as much interesting information about your history of studies, jobs, voluntary work, hobbies, language skills etc. as possible. However, I you have a lot of experience, add only the most relevant information. You may also want to create summaries of your past experience (In Text fields, for example) instead of adding each experience individually. Start with what feels the easiest or most relevant and continue then to the harder tasks. 


Will anyone even be interested? Will employers and schools actually read my ePortfolio? Who cares what I did during my freshman year?

One-page resumés and CV’s are nowadays important and most of the time compulsory documents when applying for a job. However, when you get into the top 5 applicants then the ePortfolio comes to play. When the candidate pool is narrowed down, the applicant who is showing his/her skills with actual samples, will be strong in this final process. Also the ability to show growth and improvement over time isn’t necessarily seen as a negative trait, but quite the opposite!

To write a good application or CV requires skill and a good understanding of yourself and your strenghts. Portfolio work will provide you with a strong basis for presenting you expertise in a powerful way.  In addition, having a digital footprint that also presents your professional skills is basically a necessity today. Prepare yourself in secure environment before entering social networks such as Linkedin. 

Why is the ePortfolio considered evidence of my learning? Aren’t my degree and my grades enough?

Academic degree and transcript simply lists the studies taken and grades received. It represents the education that was defined by the institution. These accounts are the basis of your expertise, but the employers will be interested in how they translate into action and personal qualities. In other words, you should be able to tell what you have learned, what skills you have developed and what you are capable of doing. Furthermore, the ePortfolio can help in presenting also the development and learning from co-curricular experiences and interests.

ePortfolio will give you the chance to present your experiences such as studying abroad, community service, political activity, co-ops and internships - things that might have occurred on and off campus. Shortly put, adding an ePortfolio to your application, will give a more holistic picture of your abilities.

I don’t want to share information about myself. Why do I need to share what I do?

ePortfolio doesn’t force you to share any information about yourself which feels uncomfortable. Working Portfolio will stay forever as your private platform where you can freely express your know-how on any field of life. Only in the process of building a Display Portfolio, you have to start thinking who is your potential target group, and what kind of information you want to share with them. Always keep in mind that you won’t write down any delicate information such as social security number in your ePortfolio, that kind of information seldomly belongs to internet at all.

Why should students who are not in field of fine arts have anything to do with portfolios?

It is true that portfolios are very familiar in the fields of teacher education, architecture, graphic design, writing and even rhetoric, however the concept is merely unused in the fields of engineering and social sciences. The growing trend of accountability and institutional accreditation have instigated a development of a culture of assessment where more authentic evidence of skills are required.

Whether you study in a field which have strong history of portfolios or not, crafting your ePortfolio will be a tool, which help you see the difficulties how to presentate your skills to general public. When you succeed in this process you will most certainly be able to reflect your abilities more accurately and quickly (also in face-to-face) and you will work your self esteem and self-confidence as a professional of your field!