Student Life


How to set future goals?

Objectives tab is designed for considering your professional objectives and skills required in them. What do you want to do in the future? What skills do you need? An objective can be a general objective, for example “working as an international expert in communication” or a more specific one, like “language teacher”.

However, nothing prevents you from using this tool for setting other goals, such as setting your learning goals for the semester. You can set as many objectives as you like.

Remember to reflect upon and revise your goals regularly and in relation to your skills matrix. You can update your goals for example when you see interesting job advertisement or meet a person who has an interesting job. It is a good idea not to delete your outdated goals, as reviewing them later may also help you in understanding your personal development.

Adding new objective

You can add new objective by clicking New objective -button.

You can select one or more occupational fields to your future employment goals and skills related to this objective.