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Presentation portfolios

Instructions on how to create Presentation portfolios.

Presentation portfolios are windows to the content of the working portfolio. You can create several presentation portfolios. They provide the possibility to collect and display experiences, learning and skills for several purposes, such as counselling, assesment or job searching.

A presentation portfolio can be shared to a specific person or made public.

How to create a new Presentation portfoliodis

Go to the Presentation portfolios –tab and click New to add a new presentation portfolio.
Name your presentation portfolio appropriately for example after a course or the perspective of your portfolio.

Uusi näyteportfolio

Notice that the name of your presentation portfolio will be part of the URL address of your portfolio. The address to your presentation portfolio is

You can change the title of your portfolio any time by clicking Edit presentation portfolio –tab in your Presentation portfolio. However, the original title of your portfolio will still remain the same in URL address.

In description you can write a short summary of the content or themes of your presentation portfolio. In content language you can select the language in which the content of your portfolio should be displayed.

You can delete your Presentation portfolio by clicking the red cross at the right side of portfolio´s title.

Compiling Presentation portfolio

When you have created a new Presentation portfolio and open it there are already your profile information and help text that guides you.

You can add new tiles by selecting “Place new” and then selecting the type of tile you want to add.

Asettele uusi -valikko

When you click the tile you want to add, there will open a window where you can select which information you want to bring from your working portfolio. You can change the order of information by clicking the box after information and dragging them in new order, as instructed in the screenshot below:

Tietojen järjestäminen

You can change the place of each tile by dragging them. Tiles will settle in two columns.
The content of a tile can be changed by moving the cursor on top of that tile and by selecting "Configure". You can change for example the titles of each tile. If you want to delete a tile press “Delete” button.

Otsikko ja ingressiAdditional image, Description, Embedding, Feed, Text and Title are elements whose contents don´t interrelate with working portfolio. You can use these elements for example to demonstrate your experiences, to summarise the themes of your portfolio or to clarify the structure and layout of your presentation portfolio.

There are short descriptions how you can use additional image, embedding and feed:

Additional image

You can upload an additional image from your computer and add it into your presentation portfolio. If you want to add for example larger profile picture to show in your presentation portfolio, choose additional image.
If you want to add images from your working portfolio instead, use the “Image” type.


You can embed content, like videos or slide shows, from another site to show in your presentation portfolio by using embedding. Embed new content by entering the URL of the media you want to be embedded. If content shows up too large, you can specify maximum width by pixels.

At this moment only some websites (e.g. Youtube, Vimeo, Slideshare and Flickr) are allowed as sources.

You can also add RSS feeds into your presentation portfolio. You can use Feed element if you have for example personal blog and you want your posts to show in your presentation portfolio. Copy and paste the source URL of feed and select maximum number of entries to display. On Blogger and Wordpress the form of source URL is:

  • Blogger:
  • Wordpress:

Näyteportfolion erityisominaisuudet

Sharing and publishing your presentation portfolio

Presentation portfolios are for sharing your work, learning and experiences with peers, supervisors or counselors or for publishing it to an employer or for the web. Your presentation portfolio is private until you publish or share it.

Basically you have two options: publishing the presentation portfolio
(visible to anyone with the link) or sharing it (for all logged-in users of the JYU system or for a specific username).

Publishing your presentation portfolio

This option publishes your portfolio to the web.

  1. Open the presentation portfolio you want to publish
  2. Publish the portfolio as instructed in the screenshot below.
  3. Copy the web address and share it through email or in social media. The address to your presentation portfolio is

You can chance your presentation portfolio back to private anytime by clicking State: Make private.

Sharing your presentation portfolio with a specific user

Portfolion jakaminen

  1. Open the presentation portfolio you want to share.
  2. Share it with a specific JYU user as instructed below
  3. Go back to your presentation portfolio and copy the web address ( and share it through email.

Näytepofon jakaminen hakukenttä

How to search for shared portfolios

Jaetut portfoliot At the right hand corner, click Shared portfolios.

You can search for presentation portfolios that have been shared explicitly for you, or for all the logged-in users.

You can search portfolios by full name of user (1.), by username (2.) or by title of portfolio (3.) and define results per page (4.). Search filters can be removed on the left column (5.).

Search results appear at the bottom of the page (6.).

ePofojen hakeminen