Student Life

Skills and competences

When you add experiences and studies in Working portfolio and select relevant skills in Skills-tab your experience will then be visible in the Skills & competences -tab accordingly.

Skills and competences –tab creates matrix that shows you a classification of general skills needed in the work life. It will help you to

  • recognize your skills and competences and keep track of them
  • identify the needs for development
  • use the matrix as a reference when planning your studies.

Classification of skills and competences


There are short descriptions of each skill of this matrix. Remember that these descriptions are mostly examples, not all-inclusive lists.

As you can see, some of the skills are overlapping and include same kinds of elements, for example social skills, language and communication skills and education and training skills.

Generic skills

Social skills
Social skills and competences refer to living and working with other people, in positions where communication is important and situations where teamwork is essential; listening skills, communication competence and group work skills.

Language and communication skills
Language and communication skills are related to communication, different kind of communicational channels and language skills: skills to communicate different audiences, verbal communication skills, writing and public speaking.

Education and training skills
Teaching and training skills; skills to share knowledge, information and experience, supporting the development of other people, giving feedback, evaluation.

IT skills
IT skills refer to softwares, devices, electronic environments and social media; how to use and learn to use different kind of applications and softwares, web communication, using digital tools for information searching and learning.

Problem-solving skills
Cognitive competence, critical thinking, collecting and evaluating information, problem-solving skills, openness to new ideas, creativity.

Self-regulation skills
Ability to work independently, ability to evaluate and guide own behaviour, time management, learning skills.

Leadership and organizational skills
Project management, leadership, skill to motivate and inspire the others, organizational skills, management of time and resources.

International and multicultural skills
Working in multicultural and multidisciplinary group, becoming international, intercultural activity, sympathise with the other cultures, tolerance.

Ethical responsibility
Justice, tolerance, knowledge of ethics.

Ability to work in a changing environment
Ability to tolerate uncertainty, adaptability, willingness to learn.

Specific skills

Vocational skills and applying knowledge
Theoretical knowledge of one's subject field, ability to put theoretical knowledge into practice, knowing techniques and working methods, knowing the occupational and working culture of own field.

Artistic skills
Familiarity with the field of art, skills and knowledge.

Technical skills
Knowledge of methods, systems and equipment of specific field.

Business and enterprise skills
Enterprise skills, management of finances, strategic planning of business, ability to productize own knowledge.

You can also add your own specific skills through the Edit custom skills –link. After you have added your own skill go back to Working portfolio, select experience where you want to add your own skill and select it in Skills-tab. Now you can add your own skill also to Display portfolio.

Describe your skills

You can add description for each skill by clicking the name of the skill. You can for example write

  • What kind of skills and competences you already have.
  • Where your skills come from and what tells about your know-how in practice.
  • How your skills are related to your future goals.
  • What are your needs for development.