Student Life

ePortfolio - a tool for documenting and presenting experience and competence

The University of Jyväskylä ePortfolio is a tool designed for tracking learning and experiences, planning for personal development and making visible the expertise and competencies. The ePortfolio environment is built on content managements system Plone, and provides a simple but powerful structure for developing expertise.



Purposes of the ePortfolio

The ePortfolio provides the students with the possibility of tracking their learning, planning their studies and presenting their learning process or resulting expertise in a multimodal, layered and creative way. From the perspective of guidance and counseling, the ePortfolio can be used for recognising students' skills and objectives, discussing their career goals and supporting them in their study plans. In a group setting, sharing the portfolios provides opportunities for peer learning and feedback.



Support for continuous development

The ePortfolio is structured in a way that it helps the individual learner align their current experience and skills, their development and their future goals, and make visible their development and learning. Furthermore, it makes it possible to link the experiences to learning and skills development, and to the evidence of that learning or skill.



Simple structure

The working portfolio is a personal archive, a learner's storage of the relevant experiences, artifacts and evidence from their studies, work, or leisure time activities.

The objective setting tool helps the learners in defining their career or learning goals, and links them to relevant skills.

A skills matrix is provided for linking a set of general working life skills to related experiences thus helping the learner to identify their strengths and gaps in their competence. In addition, users can add their own set of skills, which can be used for example for identifying the components of expertise in a specific field or pedagogical skills.

The presentation portfolios are the means of making visible an individual's learning, development and/or expertise.