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Jyväversitas 2017

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Jyväversitas cooperation projects to streamline studying

Application for 2017 has started! 

Apply for €5,000, €10,000 and €15,000 grants, in total €40,000 available.

Deadline on Sunday March 5th, 2017. 

Note! Because of the holiday season of the the staff, you may supplement your application till Tuesday March 7th, 12pm.

Application form and instructions

Jyväversitas is a cooperation method for finding new initiatives to support, motivate and streamline studying at the University of Jyväskylä. The idea was launched by the Student Union of the University in 2015, using the Universitas model of the universities of Oulu and Turku as an example. For Jyväskylä, we tailored the model in the spirit of the Student Life concept and renamed it. In 2016, students realised three projects in cooperation with the departments of the University.

Start a student project to develop studying!

Do you have an idea that would develop studying conditions at the University of Jyväskylä or otherwise help students in their work? This is an opportunity for you.

Inspired by good project experiences in 2016, the Student Life coordinators and the Student Union of the University decided to continue development based on students’ projects. By providing funding and support for joint projects, we invite students and staff to participate in the development work. 

Student Life focuses on developing students’ needs

What could be otherwise or better? What would help or inspire you, your fellow students and other students in

Read more about the projects of 2016. (in Finnish)

their studies? With the Jyväversitas projects, we wish to find areas of development and support that students themselves find important for their studies.

In cooperation with staff

It is important for the projects to benefit from the support and expertise of the teaching and guidance staff. Therefore, the projects should be implemented as cooperation between staff and students. This ensures that common targets are achieved and that students in the projects get sufficiently support. With its experience, the staff can also ensure that created solutions are functional and durable. The purpose is to create functions that are not only new but also long-lasting. In addition, the Student Life developers and the experts of the Student Union support the project groups.

What kind of projects do we want to support?

The projects must meet the following criteria:

  • The project is realised by a student or group of students in cooperation with at least one department or other unit (expert support from staff).
  • The project must promote or develop studying conditions.
  • The theme of the project is preferably related or supplementary to the ongoing Student Life development projects.
  • The results must serve a broad group of students and be transferable to the use of students in other disciplines.
  • The project has long-lasting results. 
  • Groups can be from one discipline or multidisciplinary.
  • The project may be part of studies or separate to them.
  • The project is completed and its funding spent during 2017.

Excluded project topics

What, who and how?

Questions and answers about project implementation (now in English)

Feel free to ask more!
in person or by email studentlife(at)

  • individual events
  • study trips
  • subject-specific topics that are not transferable
  • teaching material and study content.

Special themes of 2017

All project ideas are welcome, but this year we wish project proposals especially from the following important topics:

  • support for student participation and the prevention of loneliness
  • the development of competence-related knowledge and competence recognition, particularly in the ePortfolio work.

The feeling of being part of the student community has various effects. It may even be crucial for the start and progress of studies, as well as study motivation. Participation also affects the development of student identity and professional growth. The topic is very important and deep, and we feel that operational cooperation is the best way to find solutions to the matter. For more information, see the loneliness study site.

It is an important skill to acknowledge, recognise and describe competence and its development. A portfolio is a tool for students to process and describe competence they have acquired during studies and other activities. The University of Jyväskylä uses the ePortfolio tool, which is developed for its students. With the help of the tool, students are able to make sample portfolios to support job search, for example. We want to improve portfolio work skills, promote the use of ePortfolio and develop the usability of the tool.

Staff – volunteer to join in

Departments and units interested in project development, please express your interest. It may be of crucial importance.

  • Active attitude is an important signal 
    It is easier to get projects started in a positive atmosphere. It is a message that your unit is interested in supporting goal-oriented studying and that you see students as part of your community. 
  • Help in the start phase is crucial
    The threshold for starting a project can be lowered. Projects initiate from students, their ideas and courage to contact staff members.
  • Managing a challenge
    To achieve something noteworthy, the bar has been set quite high for the projects. Especially a project of 10,000–15,000 euro may easily scare candidates off. From the perspective of the department or unit budget, however, it is peanuts. To reach the implementation phase, we need both the enthusiasm of beginners and the realism and support of experts.

We are interested!

  • Language Center | contact person: Pedagogical head, lecturer Juha Jalkanen
    "The Language Centre is looking to collaborate on projects related to the different phases of university studies. The project aims can relate to supporting university studies, the expertise needed in working life or internationalization. We look forward to hearing about your ideas for new types of collaboration."

  • Library contact persons: Information specialists Nina Kivinen and Johanna Kinnunen
    Feel free to contact!

Volunteers in 2016 were the following:

  • Library contact persons: Information specialists Nina Kivinen and Tiia Puputti

    “The library is happy to be a partner in various projects related to all phases of studies. Projects could be related to, for example, data search guidance (remote or classroom) to support the completion of dissertations, design of learning facilities or research publication services. Develop a project idea in your individual style and ask the University Library to participate in planning and implementation!"

  • Department of Languages | contact person: Professor Kirsi Pakkanen-Kilpiä
    "The staff of the Department of Languages is ready to encourage, coach and support its students towards new inspiring challenges. Students, please grasp this great opportunity and help the development work to take flight. I am waiting for your contacts.”

Enrol at: studentlife(at)
You do not commit to anything in this phase. 
All depends on that how good and realisable ideas we are able to find.

Project funding, applications and the selection process

Selected projects will be funded by compensating expenses up to the granted sum (€5,000 / €10,000 / €15,000). The project grants are relatively high because we want to find slightly more demanding and far-reaching projects, as well as applicants who are able to focus on and commit to the project. A grant also allows that one or more students can work for the project part time.  

Download an Excel Budget sheet  here. 

(if problems, right-click the link and use "save as")

Please submit your application using the online form. The form and application instructions are available here. Make a project plan and a cost estimate. For the cost estimate, you can download an Excel budget sheet.

Funded projects are selected based on applications. The selection is made by the Student Life steering group  in the meeting on March 14, 2017. If necessary, it is possible to organise an advisory online vote between projects.

See instructions and tips from the Student Life website

To get started, see our questions and answers site. Considering the nature of projects, it is useful to put effort to planning and cooperate with different parties right from the beginning.

Good luck – feel free to ask us more information!

  • Student Life Coordinator Tapio Anttonen, Division of Strategic Planning and Development
  • Secretary of Academic Affairs Joachim Kratochvil and Specialist in Social Affairs Jonna Varsa, Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä (JYY)
  • Director of Strategic Planning and Development Kari Pitkänen, Division of Strategic Planning and Development
  • Executive Director Mari Kröger, Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä (JYY)


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