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Welcome to the ePortfolio site! Here you can find all the necessary information to create and use your own ePortfolio.

Introduction to ePortfolio

Track your learning and experiences, plan your development and make visible the expertise and competencies that you acquire.


Working portfolio is a private space where you can collect, organise and archive your education, work history, and other experiences relevant to your learning and development of experience. Add, update and track your skills. document your best work and reflect on your learning.


ePortfolio helps you to craft your own path. Where do you head for the next year? Where do you see yourself in five years or do you even have an ultimate goal? What ever your objective might be - or might not be, ePortfolio helps you to set your goals.


The matrix helps you to track, review and describe your professional skills and competences. See how your previous experiences have contributed to their development, identify gaps in relation to your future career goals and use the matrix when planning your study path. Describe the competence you have in the matrix and add custom skills when needed. 

One portfolio tells more than thousand CVs! - Share you experience, reflections and present your expertise through presentation portfolios. They can be published or shared with a study group or your supervisor. Illuminate your skills and experiences by creating  a live and radiant presentation portfolio. Learn to tell about your skills in an intresting and catching way.