Student Life

Student Life - Wellbeing Support for Students

The University of Jyväskylä has been developing a unique cluster of wellbeing support under the umbrella of the Student Life concept to promote the overall wellbeing of its students inside and outside the classroom. 

Our wellbeing support aims to:

  • enhance students’ wellbeing and promote study, employability and life skills
  • ensure that students have easily accessible wellbeing support in any phase of their studies and lives
  • ensure that students' individual needs are met so that they can pursue their interests and reach their fullest potential
  • help students find and maintain motivation, vitality, and meaningfulness in times of difficulty and challenge
  • address situations in which students experience distress arising from problems adjusting to life on and off campus 

The uniqueness of our wellbeing support model lies in that we strive to provide innovative services that are being researched and assessed continuously at JYU. This process ensures that students will receive support and guidance services that:

  • have been carefully developed and evaluated for their effectivity in promoting the overall well-being of students 
  • have been adapted and refined to fit students’ needs for learning as well as for personal, social, emotional growth and development.

What kind of Wellbeing support?

We offer free guidance and support to all enrolled students in various forms and methods. We have a wide range of support being offered, such as:

  • wellbeing courses, workshops, seminars, 
  • face-to-face individual or group support counseling/guidance, 
  • e-help/online services as well as self-evaluation and self-help options, 
  • studies supporting programs, and 
  • organized wellbeing events and happenings. 

In addition, we cooperate with a wide network of partners to ensure that every student receives support that is suitable to their needs and personal circumstances.

Currently, many of the aforementioned services are also offered to international students while we are working on broadening our wellbeing operating model with additional services.

Parts of our wellbeing support:

    Facts about Student Life


    You're in good hands

    Student Life is a joint effort of the University of Jyväskylä and its partners to create optimal conditions for successful studies and overall well-being for students. Read more about the Student Life concept, activities and development work:


    The Student Life concept is part of the Division of Strategic Planning & Development

    More information

    • Vice Rector Marja-Leena Laakso
    • Director of Strategic Planning & Development Kari Pitkänen
    • Planning Coordinator Tapio Anttonen