Student Life

Goodie operating model

The aims of the Goodie operating model

  • To ensure that students have easily accessible wellbeing counselling for every need and phase of their studies
  • To support students take care of their study ability and to overcome any difficulties
  • To help students find motivation to study and meaningfulness in their studies

"We are one link in a long chain of caring."

"Talking to a Goodie adviser may help students realize that the problems they felt were big and difficult to solve on their own may actually be rather reasonable and easy to solve together."

Goodies - student wellbeing advisers

The Goodie wellbeing advisers are there for you when you need someone to talk to. They are University staff members, who have been selected and trained to support the wellbeing of students, but they are not therapists or psychologists. You can come with any issue or problem and discussions are always kept confidential. Goodie advisers can help you find information on how to promote and enhance your own wellbeing, put you in touch with available peer support groups and share ideas how to build your own support network. If needed, they will guide you further to find a solution for your situation. Don’t worry alone – come and talk to your Goodie!

The Student Compass - internet-based wellbeing program

The Student Compass is internet-based self-help program to enhance the general mental health and overall functioning of students. Aims at providing practical tools and coping strategies in students daily living based on the principles and processes of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The program includes 3 themes: Stress, anxiety and depression.

You can use the Student Compass

  • Independently online, without coach support: suitable for students who would like to work independently, anonymously and based on their own schedule.
  • With coach support: suitable for students who would like to work independently and would like to receive also some form of personal contact. Two face-to-face meetings with the coach + five weeks online.

Current status of the Goodie operating model

The first Goodies, wellbeing advisers for international students, are trained during the 2015 spring and autumn semesters. In addition, a material package and a guidance network for supporting international student wellbeing will be developed for the future Goodies.

The Goodie operating model will be piloted and tested during the academic year 2015-2016 at the faculties of Education, Sport and Health Sciences, Mathematics and Science as well as at the School of Business and Economics. Altogether eight Goodies will participate in the pilot.

Future of the Goodie operating model

In the autumn semester 2016 the Goodie operating model will be expanded to cover all seven faculties of the University. In addition, a course supporting the academic study ability of international students HYVY001 will be developed.


The Student Life concept and its operational models are based on current research on the topic. More information about research related to the Goodie operating model will be updated on this website soon.

Facts about Student Life


You're in good hands

Student Life is a joint effort of the University of Jyväskylä and its partners to create optimal conditions for successful studies and overall well-being for students. Read more about the Student Life concept, activities and development work:


The Student Life concept is part of the Division of Strategic Planning & Development

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  • Vice Rector Helena Rasku-Puttonen
  • Director of Strategic Planning & Development Kari Pitkänen
  • Planning Coordinator Tapio Anttonen