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1. Journals and anthologies, international

Problem of time in Matti Rossi's Finnish translation of King Lear.
In I. Lindblad & M. Ljung (eds.) Proceedings from the Third Nordic Conference for English Studies. Acta Universitatis Stockholmiensis, Stockholm: Almqvist & Wiksell,  163‑173.

Problem of coherence in drama translation: a contextual Study of Matti Rossi's Finnish translation of King Lear. In P. Nekeman (ed.), Translation, our future. Proceedings of the XIth World Congress of Fédération Internationelle des Traducteurs.
Maastricht: Euroterm, pp. 212‑221

1991 (with P. Kalaja)
Hello, it's me again ‑ Process writing and computer conferencing in EFL.
In Savolainen H. & J. Telenius (eds.) Proceedings of the International Symposium on Computer‑assisted Language Learning (Eurocall) Helsinki: The Helsinki School of  Economics and Business Administration, Department of Languages, pp. 341‑348.

1994 (with P. Kalaja)
Computer conferencing as a forum of written interaction. In Jung, U.  & R. Vanderplank (eds.) Barriers and Bridges: Media Technology in Language Teaching. Proceedings of the 1993 CETaLL Symposium on the Occasion of the 10th AILA World  Congress in Amsterdam. Frankfurt a.M.: Peter Lang Verlag, pp. 81‑91.

1995 (with P. Kalaja)
Experimenting with computer conferencing in English for academic purposes. ELT Journal, 49:1., pp. 26‑36.

1999 (with P. Kalaja)
Towards discursive social psychology of second language learning: The case of motivation In Fisiak, J. (Ed.) Festschrift for Kari Sajavaara. Studia Philologica  Poznaniensia. Poznan. University of Poznan.165-180.

Forthcoming (with P. Kalaja)
Heroes in quest of mastery of the English language. Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Narrative. 25.

The text as open and closed? Assumptions about interpretation in literary criticism,
Language and Style.

Universalistic handbook discourse and local needs of writers: a Finnish perspective to handbooks for academic writers. TEXT, 23/1, 53-87.

Currently in progress

(Manuscript, forthcoming)
Multilingual fan fiction:  Writing (trans)local identities and communities.  In Carmen Rosa Caldas-Coulthard, Rick Iedema, Stef Slembrouck (eds.) Identity Trouble – Discursive constructions. Palgrave

(In progress, with Arja Piirainen-Marsh)
On power and agency in educational discourse: an activity-based analysis of instruction environments in English language classrooms.

Is biology again destiny? Textual construction of gender difference in popular biologist discourse.

(Monograph manuscript, with Sari Pietikäinen)
Diskurssien verkossa: Johdatusta kriittiseen diskurssin tutkimukseen.

(Manuscript, with A. Piirainen-Marsh)
Uses of English in Finnish teenagers’ interaction when playing an English-language computer game. (Paper to be given in AILA, 2002, Singapore; and BAAL, Cardiff 2002 )



2. Journals and collections, Finnish

Linguistics and the transnationalisation of literature. In K. Sajavaara K., D. Marsh & T. Keto (eds.), Communication and Discourse across Cultures and Languages.
AFinLa Yearbook.  Jyväskylä: Suomen Soveltavan Kielitieteen Yhdistys, 91‑96.

1991 (with P. Kalaja)
Transaction and interaction in writing: The case of electronic mail. In K. Sajavaara, D. Marsh & T. Keto (eds.), Communication and Discourse across Cultures and Languages. AFinLa Yearbook, pp.267‑275.  University of Jyväskylä: AFinLa

Reading and interpretation of written texts as a linguistic, cognitive and social process of negotiation.
In A. Piirainen & M‑R. Luukka  (eds.) Finlance. A Finnish Journal of Applied Linguistics. Vol. XI Language Centre for Finnish Universities: University of Jyväskylä, 109 ‑ 129.

Leppänen, S. 1993. The mediation of interpretive criteria in literary criticism.
In L. Kuure & P. McIlvenny (eds.) Text and Talk: Proceedings of  the 4th Finnish Seminar on Discourse Analysis. University of Oulu: Oulu, 71‑86.

Tekstimetaforat: yksi ikkuna tulkintakäsityksiin ('Text metaphors: a window to assumptions about interpretation’). In L. Laurinen & M‑R. Luukka (eds), Puhekulttuurit ja Kielten Oppiminen (’Speech cultures and language learning’); AFinLa Yearbook, 52. Jyväskylä: AFinLA, 53‑74.

1994b (with P. Kalaja)
Päätekokouskeskustelu: Kirjoitettua vuorovaikutustusta. In Laurinen L. & M.‑R. Luukka (eds.)
Puhekulttuurit ja Kielten Oppiminen (’Speech cultures and language learning’) AFinLa Yearbook, 52. Jyväskylä: AFinLA, 237‑252.

Analysis and interpretation: Theoretical positions, subjective interpretations and the persuasion of language.
In Nyyssönen, H. & L. Kuure (eds.) Principles of Accessibility and Design in English Texts. Oulu: University of Oulu, 161‑206.

Kysymys vastauksenantajana.
(‘The question as an answer’) In. Eskola, K. (ed.) Nainen, mies ja fileerausveitsi: Miten Rosa Liksomia luetaan? (‘Woman, man and the carving knife: How is Rosa Liksom read?) University of Jyväskylä: The Research Unit for Contemporary Culture, 81-121.

Subjekti ja intertekstuaalisuus seminaarikeskustelussa.
(‘The subject and intertextuality in seminar discussion’) In Laurinen, L., M.‑R. Luukka and K. Sajavaara (eds.). Seminaaridiskurssi: Diskursseja seminaarista (’ Seminar discourse: discourses about the seminar’).  Jyväskylä: Centre for Applied Language Study, 127-162.

1997 (With P. Kalaja)
Sankaritarinoita vieraan kielen oppimisesta. ('Heroic stories about language learning') Finlance XVII, 33-56.

Kirjallisen tyylin tutkimus. ('The study of  literary style') In K. Sajavaara, K. & A. Piirainen-Marsh (eds.).
Kieli, diskurssi ja yhteisö (’Language, discourse and community’). University of Jyväskylä: Centre for Applied Language Study, 219-256.

Jokaisessa meissä asuu pieni toisin kirjoittaja: Tekstuaalinen interventio lukemisen ja kirjoittamisen opetuksessa. (’There is a rewriter in everyone of us: Textual intervention in the teaching of reading and writing’) Äidinkielen opettajien vuosikirja, (‘The Yearbook of teachers of Finnish’) 2003.



3. Monographs

The  Mediation  of Interpretive Criteria in Literary Criticism. 
( Ph.D. Thesis). Studia Philologica Jyväskyläensiä. Jyväskylä: University of Jyväskylä Press. (pp. 341)



4. Edited collections

2000 (With Joel Kuortti).
Inescapable Horizon: Culture and context. University of Jyväskylä: Research Unit for Contemporary Culture.



5. Other shcolarly publications

Ylikansallistuminen ‑ uusi haaste kielitieteelle.
('Transnationalisation - a challenge to linguistics) Kanava 9,  544‑547.

2000 (with Joel Kuortti)
Positions in cultural studies. In Leppänen, S. and J. Kuortti (eds.), pp.9-26.

1997 (with P. Kalaja)
Vieraan kielen oppijoiden omaelämäkerrat - tarinoita sankarioppijoiden matkan varrelta. (‘Autobiographies by foreign language learners - stories along the journey of heroic learners')  Tempus 3, 12-15.

2002 (with P. Kalaja)
Autobiographies as constructions of EFL learner identities and experiences.
Festschrift for Heikki Nyyssönen. University of Oulu.



6. Other professional publications

1995 (with P. Kalaja)
Computer conferencing as a forum for process writing and interactive written discussions in the context of an EAP content‑are course. In R. White (ed.)
New Ways in Teaching Writing.
Alexandria, VA: TESOL, 81‑6.



7. Book reviews




8. Conference papers


1986 - 1996

Problem of time in Matti Rossi's Finnish translation of King Lear. The Third Nordic Conference for English Studies, Stockholm, 25.‑27.9.1986.

Problem of coherence in drama translation XIth World Congress of Fédération Internationelle de Traducteurs, Maastricht, Holland. 25.‑28.8.1987.

Contextual coherence and drama translation. Poetics and Linguistics Association (PALA) -conference, Amsterdam, 2.‑14.9.1990.

(with P. Kalaja) Process writing and computer conferencig in EFL,  Eurocall conference , Espoo,        8/1991.

(with P. Kalaja) Computer conferencing and process writing in EAP. TESOL‑conference ,Vancouver, Canada, 3/1992.

The interpretation of literary texts as recontextualisation. PALA conference, Gent, Belgium, 8 ‑11.9.1992.

(with P. Kalaja) Computer conferencing as a forum of written interaction,  AILA World Conference,  Amsterdam, 8/1993.

The mediation of interpretative criteria in literary criticism,  European Society for the Study of English (ESSE)  conference, Bordeaux, 9/1993.

Text metaphors: a window to assumptions about interpretation Poetics and Linguistics conference (PALA), Sheffield, 4/1994.

Literary criticism and assumptions about interpretation, Seminar on discourse analysis by Professor Claire Kramsch,  UC Berkeley, 1.11. 1994.

The narrative construction of interpretation in literary criticism. Seminar on cross-disciplinary approaches to the study of narrative, UC Berkeley, 2.12.1994.

Critical discourse analysis and the analysis of reader responses. Claire Kramsch's  Language through Literacy  ‑seminar, UC Berkeley, 4/1995.

(With P. Kalaja) College Freshmen in quest for the English language,  Crossroads in Cultural  Studies -conference, Tampere,  7/1996.

(With Paula Kalaja) Heroes in quest of mastery of the English language. 5th International Conference on Narrative, Lexington, U.S.A, 11/1996.

1997- 2004

(With Paula Kalaja) EFL students’ life stories TESOL- conference, Orlando, Florida, 3/1997.

The positioning of the writer in American style guides.  International North-American Studies -conference, Tampere 3/1997.

(with Paula Kalaja) Heroes in quest for the English language, American Association for Applied Linguistics -conference, Seattle, U.S.A, 3/1998.

Academic writing and writer identity, British Council - seminar Interfaces between language and literature research and teaching, Oxford, 4/1998.

Academic writing as socialisation or conformity? International Pragmatics conference, Reims, France, 7/1998.

(with Arja Piirainen-Marsh). Power and agency in classroom interaction. A complementary analysis of teacher’s instructions. 12th  AILA  World Congress, Tokyo. 8/1999.

(with Arja Piirainen-Marsh) 2002. English voices in Finnish society: The case of teenage boys playing English-language electronic games. British Asscociation of Applied Linguistics conference, Cardiff, 8/2002. 

Colloquium on English in the European Circle: A comparison of English voices in Finland and Germany. Convenors Elizabeth Erling  (University of Edinburgh/Freie Universität Berlin) and Sirpa Leppänen (University of Jyväskylä, Cardiff, 8/2002.

(with Arja Piirainen-Marsh) English voices in Finnish society: English in a game event. the 13th Aila Conference, Singapore, 12/ 2002.

Interventional literacy: Finnish fan fiction in English, Multiliteracies:  The Contact Zone – conference (Aila Scientific Comiison of Literacy). Gent, 9/ 2003,

Multilingual fan fiction as complex  interventions into popular culture, Conference by the International Association of University Professors of English, Vancouver, 8/ 2004.  



Workshop: Cross‑cultural communication and literature. Seminar on cross‑cultural communication, University of Jyväskylä,  23.3.1990.

(with P. Kalaja) Focus on interaction in electronic mail. 3rd Finnish Seminar on Discourse Analysis, Jyväskylä, 15.‑16.11.1990.

How do we recognise a topic when we see one? The problem of interpretive criteria. Seminar on discourse analysis, University of Oulu, 2.‑3.10.1992.

(With P. Kalaja) Sankaritarinoita vieraan kielen oppimisesta ('Heroic stories about language learning'),  AFinLa symposium, Savonlinna, 10/1996.


(With P. Kalaja) Sankareita, onko heitä kielen oppijoissa?('Are there heroes in foreign language learning?') Kielitieteen päivät ('Finnish conference of Linguistics'), Helsinki, 5/1997.

(With Arja Piirainen-Marsh), Vuorovaikutus ja valta luokkahuoneessa. ('Power and interaction in the language classroom' ). Kieli ja valta seminaari. Interdisciplinary seminar on language and power, University of Tampere, 11/ 1997. 

(with Arja Piirainen-Marsh), Kieli ja identiteetti englanninkielisessä televisiokeskustelussa (’Language and identity in foreign language (English) television discussion’). Kielitieteen päivät (Finnish conference of Linguistics), University of Tampere, 15.-16.5. 1998.

(With Paula Kalaja) Vieraan kielen oppija tutkimuksen kohteena: Psykometrisen ja diskursiivisen lähestymistavan vertailua ('The foreign language learner under investigation: Comparing psychometric and discursive approaches') Kielitieteen päivät, ('Finnish conference on linguistics'), Tampere, 15.-16.5.1998.

Workshop: Interventiolukeminen ('Reading as intervention'), Summer school of Applied Language Study, University of Jyväskylä, 6/1998.

Workshop: Power in educational discourse in Seminar on Critical Discourse Analysis, Jyväskylä 12/1998.

Englannin oppikirja oppitunnin sisältöjen, toimintojen ja sosiaalisen todellisuuden muovaajana. ('The impact of the English language textbook on lesson content, classroom activities, participant identities and social setting') AFinLa symposium, Helsinki School of Economics, Helsinki, 11/ 2000.

Amerikkalaiset tyylioppaat vieraalla kielellä kirjoittamisen diskurssin tuottajiina ('American style guides as a source of discourse on writing in the foreign language'), Arkiteksti -seminaari ('Seminar on everyday texts'), Kotimaisten kielten tutkimuskekesus ('Centre for research on national languages in Finland'), Helsinki, 2/ 2001.

Intertekstuaalisuus populaarissa biologistisessa diskurssissa. (’Intertextuality in popular biologist discourse’); AFinLa symposium, Tampere, 11/2002.

English voices in Finnish society: Projektin esittely. (‘English voices in Finnish society: Introducing a research project’), AFinLa symposium, Tampere, 11/2001.

(With Arja-Piirainen-Marsh) Those monsteris kännöt pii vinned: Englantia ja suomea pelitilanteessa. (‘Those monsteris kännot pii vinned: English and Finnish in a game event’)  AFinla symposium, Vaasa 12/2002.

Workshop. Tekstuaalinen intervention äidinkielen kirjoittamisen ja lukemisen opetuksessa (’Textual intervention in the teaching of L1 writing and reading’). Tekstitaidot – professional training for teachers of Finnish. Äidinkielen opetuksen instituutti, 3/2003.

(With Arja Piirainen-Marsh). English in Finnish everyday life: adolescent boys playing an electronic game. Finnish Society for the Study of English –conference, Tampere 8/2003.

Fan fiction as a contact genre. VariEng – seminar, University of Helsinki, Department of English, 12/2003.




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