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I started out my researcher= s career with Shakespeare and the idea of order in his drama, then moved to theories and practices of interpretation, and ended up as a discourse analyst interested in non-fiction/ fiction/ cinematic/ new media texts as discursive and social practice and as a site and means for identity negotiations and struggles.

Work in Progress

Multilingual fan fiction: Writing (trans)local identities and communities [PDF]

(with A. Piirainen-Marsh)
English voices in Finnish society: The case of teenage boys playing English-language electronic games [PDF]

Multilingual fan fiction as complex interventions into popular culture [PDF]

Past projects

Universalistic handbook discourse and the local needs for writers [PDF]

Jokaisessa meissä asuu pieni toisin kirjoittaja: Tekstuaalinen interventio lukemisen ja kirjoittamisen opetuksessa ('There is a rewriter in everyone of us: Textual intervention in the teaching of reading and writing’) [PDF]




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