A short look back

Education in the area of communication began in 1925 when a practically oriented college-level training of journalists began at the Helsinki School of Social Sciences. In 1947 the first chair of "Newspaper Science" in the Nordic countries was established in the School, but research in the area of communication was rather modest consisting mainly of historical studies of the press and its personalities. However, sociologist and political scientists were analysing the press and public communication by content analysis and audience surveys in the 1950's and Helge Miettunen took a humanistic approach to film studies.

Communication studies began to unfold as an independent area of research as late as in the 1960's in Finland. The field has been influenced by Euro-American, French and German research traditions in the area of communication studies. In addition, different researches have been influenced by a number of different research fields, such as sociology, political science, psychology, linguistics and cultural studies. The areas of communication and information studies have developed and grown since the 1960's in Finland and the field is rather diversified with a number of different research traditions.

If you would like to have a more detailed description of the developments of communication and especially mass communication studies in Finland, read for example Pietilš, V., Malmberg, T. & Nordenstreng, K. 1990. Theoretical Convergences and Contrasts: A View from Finland. European Journal of Communication 5, 165-185.