Communication and Information Research and Education in Today's Finland

The research in the areas of communication and information sciences is concentrated in ten universities in Finland. The map of Finland on the right has links to the web pages of the university departments which teach and do research in communication or information sciences. The universities provide degree studies in communication or information studies meaning that one can acquire a university bachelor or master degree majoring in communication or information studies. As discussed in the chapter "A short look back", the university level studies in communication and information sciences are rather diversified with a number of different orientations.

Here, the orientations and approaches are divided into four categories:

  1. mass communication approach
  2. organisational, interpersonal and linguistic approach
  3. artistic approach and
  4. information science approach.

Mass communication approach

The following departments and programs are oriented towards research in mass communication:

Organisational, interpersonal and linguistic approach

In comparison to an orientation towards mass communication, a number of disciplines have different approaches to teaching and conducting research. At the Department of Communication at the University of Helsinki one can choose to concentrate on either organisational communication or mass communication. The Organisational Communication and PR major at the Department of Communication at the University of Jyväskylä offers a full Master's Degree program concentrating on internal and external communication of different organisations, such as companies, municipalities or non-profit organisations. The Department of Communication in Jyväskylä also offers a program in speech communication, which studies interpersonal communication in different contexts. At the University of Vaasa and at the Helsinki School of Business and Economics the communication education and research has a linguistic approach.

Artistic approach

The University of Art and Design in Helsinki has four departments which all have an artistic approach towards communication: Department of film and television, Department of Graphic Design, Department of Photography and Medialab. The Department of Media Science in the University of Lapland conducts education and research in audiovisual media culture.

The Department of Media Studies at the University of Turku was mentioned above among the departments with a mass communication orientation. However, the Media Studies in Turku was recently established by merging the communication studies with the film and television science. Therefore, the Turku orientation is a combination of research in art, cultural studies and mass communication.

Information Sciences approach

Another approach present towards communication studies in Finland is the information science approach. Research and education in information science concentrates on knowledge management, for example. Information science can be studied at the Departments of Information Studies at the University of Tampere, University of Oulu and Åbo Akademi University in Turku.