New Media in Finland: Does digital technology increase interactivity?

Work in progess...

On this page, there will be discussion on what do we mean by new media, digital technology and interactivity.

Virtual learning

Virtual learning is increasing also in other university disciplines. In fact, a national virtual university project aims at encouraging university teachers to publish course materials on the web and to design courses that can be accessed via the internet from anywhere in the country or from anywhere around the world.

To learn more about the virtual university project, visit their web pages.

Other topics to be covered:

1. Internet in Finland

2. Mobile communication
Pekka Isotalus' abstract: New in hand, old in mind: How do users talk about other media when using a news service with a palm computer?

3. Digital tv
Pertti Näränen's article: Digital television: opportunities, challenges, and dilemmas for public broadcasting