Human Resources Services


Staff of Personnel Services



HR Management

The HR Management subdivision is responsible for compliance with the terms of employment contracts, their application and related guidance. HR Management is in charge of payroll administration and prepares decisions and guidelines related to salaries. The subdivision prepares recruitment issues, advising and supporting units in staff recruitment. It handles and develops the cooperation between the University’s internal service centres and the HR Services. It also implements HR customership with the university service centre Certia according to the framework of the service contract and the specified division of duties. Furthermore, this subdivision performs employer’s duties and assists units in international employment matters.

Sirkka Aho-Laitinen

HR Specialist
tel. 0400 248 065

- service coordinator for HR Management
- contact person with Certia
- supervision and support to internal service centres

Sari Korkia-aho

International Staff Services

International HR Specialist
tel. 040 805 4519


- HR support services for International employment

Tarja Lyytinen

HR Coordinator
tel. 040 805 3681

- preparation of YPJ decisions
- Secretary of YPJ assessment groups

Mari Nirkkonen

HR General Counsel
tel. 040 805 4581

Päivi Parikka

HR Coordinator
tel. 040 805 3660

Marjo Salmenkivi               

HR Coordinator                                               
tel. 040 805 4382                                        

- preparation of recruitment process
- preparation of job advertisements and notification of vacant jobs

HR Development

The HR Development subdivision promotes the professional competences of both supervisors and employees by organising staff training and creating other measures for competence development. In the implementation of these measures, HR Development cooperates with, among others, the Staff Development Committee. The subdivision also organises activities that promote the staff’s workplace wellness. In addition, it coordinates and supervises the preparation of and compliance with guidelines for working hours, annual holidays and absences.

Ulla Huttunen

HR Specialist
tel. 050 310 9981

- service coordinator for HR Development

Piia Löppönen

HR Specialist
tel. 0400 247 689

- service coordinator for HR Development

Saara Minkkinen

Training Coordinator                                          
tel. 0400 248 064                                       

- issues relating to the vocational development of the staff
- planning and implementation of staff training

Sari Smahl

HR Coordinator             
tel. 040 805 3115                 

- contact person in occupational health care issues
- rehabilitation contact person
- secretary of the Committee for Labour Protection

HR Systems

The HR Systems subdivision is in charge of developing and maintaining personnel management systems. It also provides related guidance and counselling. The subdivision supports the units in HR reporting and creates HR statistics for the needs of units and University management. HR Systems also cooperates with Financial Services in staff cost calculation and budgeting.

Pasi Anttonen

Project Manager
tel. 0400 248 066

- service coordinator for HR Systems
- in  charge of SAP HR
- in charge of interfacedevelopment of SAP HR Personnel System
- in charge of developing SAP HR reports

Sari Kärki

HR Coordinator
tel. 040 805 4055

- in charge of maintenance in matters related to organisational structure and employment datain the personnel system
- participates in advisory and development duties related to personnel and employment data of the system, with main responsibility forseparate and service institutes
- interface of personnel systems
- reports
- main operator of YPJ system
- deputy main operator of ESS system
- deputy for Eine Pentti during holidays or absence

Eine Pentti

HR Coordinator
tel. 0400 236 498

- in charge of advisory and development dutiesrelated to personnel and employment dataof the system, with main responsibility for faculty service centres
- deals with matters related to the superiorand employee desks in the staff portal
- reports
- personnel statistics
- deputy main operator of YPJ system
- main operator of ESS system
- deputy for Sari Kärki during holidays and absence