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Tekes’ Research Funding will be modernised to Business Finland Research Funding

Tekes will enhance the use of research as a source for innovations from the beginning of next year by modernising its research funding. The renewal is expected to create value for companies, researchers, society as well as for the funding activities of the future Business Finland.

Tekes has recognised a common issue: studies led by research organisations are not utilised enough by companies. Eventually, innovations fail to be created and all parties – researchers, companies and society – lose. Tekes aims to strengthen the societal influence of research and therefore modifies its research funding to increase network projects.

Tekes – or the soon to be Business Finland – will no longer support individual research projects by research organisations. Instead, the agency will offer sparring for companies and researchers to create network projects that fulfill business and market needs and will then provide financing for the development and execution of those plans. Another significant change is that the new research funding can be applied for without any submission deadlines.

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