Research and Innovation Services

Innovation services - How may we help you?

Do you have research results or know-how that might have commercial potential?

Our services include general promotion of innovation, consultation on intellectual property rights and inventions as well as assessment of the commercial potential of research results and knowledge. Research and innovation services take care of the administration of industrial rights owned by the university and prepare commercialization agreements for the rector to decide.

Through our network you also get
expert support for the development of knowledge and research-based business.

Unifund Ltd is financing company fully owned by the Univeristy of Jyväskylä. Unifund supports start-ups of university related businesses. Unifund may invest capital to spin outs by transferring intellectual rights as contribution in kind or by making other capital investments in shares.

IPR Counseling and Evaluation

You have a research result and you would like to know if it can be protected e.g. by patent. Or maybe you have an invention and you would like to clarify who owns the rights to it.

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Success Stories

Take example of others and read their stories. How have your colleagues commercialized research results or know-how? How about entrepreneurship, could it be an alternative career choice for academics?

Business development and entrepreneurship

You have a business idea and you'd like to discuss about it.

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