Division of Strategic Planning and Development


Strategic Support for Research and Doctoral Training

Strategic support for research and doctoral training aims to

  • promote quality in research and doctoral training according to the guidelines and principles laid out in the Research, Innovation and Infrastructure Policy and in the document JYU Graduate School for Doctoral Studies: Structure and General Principles, both of which have been approved by the University Board
  • support the Rector, the Science Council and the steering board of the Graduate School in drafting and outlining strategic policies and recommendations related to research and doctoral training
  • provide data for the analysis of doctoral training and the state of research
  • support and encourage the research community to achieve a high international level in research and doctoral training
  • inform the research community about funding possibilities for the development of a state-of-the-art research infrastructure.

Development of Research

The Division of Strategic Planning and Development prepares materials (e.g. the Science Barometer) and other background information for the Rector and the Science Council regarding

  • the yearly evaluation of the state of research at the University
  • decisions on international mobility grants
  • decisions on the University research periods
  • evaluating and prioritizing the proposals regarding centres of excellence (CoE), FiDiPro professors and FIRI research infrastructure funding
  • the commitment of the University to provide funding of its own for the projects or professorships (CoE, FiDiPro, FIRI) it proposes.

The Division also provides strategic support for the implementation of the HR Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R) process at the University of Jyväskylä.

The responsible person is Timo Taskinen, Head of Research Development.

Development of Doctoral Training

The Division of Strategic Planning and Development prepares background information for use by the Graduate School steering board in

  • developing doctoral training
  • evaluating and steering the faculties’ doctoral schools
  • coordinating transferable skills studies
  • compiling the annual report on the state of doctoral training
  • making proposals regarding Graduate School funding.

The responsible person is Dr Tuula Oksanen, Graduate School Coordinator.

Contact Information

Division of Strategic
Planning and Development

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Assistant Satu Lassila
tel. +358 50 376 1206