Faculty of Social Sciences

The new pages for Faculty of Humanities are available at https://www.jyu.fi/hytk/fi/en/.

The new pages for Department of Psychology are at https://www.jyu.fi/edupsy/fi/laitokset/psykologia/en.


Research focus areas of the Faculty of Social Sciences

The main areas of research at the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy are:

  • Moral and political agency, particularly citizenship and civil society, self and subjectivity, parliamentary debates and political thought
  • Sustainability and social transformation, particularly in relation to work and economy, environment, and culture and consumption
  • Transforming welfare policies and practices, particularly in relation to gender, age and family, and from the viewpoint of welfare professions

The theme of citizenship connects all main research areas of the Department, approaching it form the viewpoints of different disciplines. Inequality, normative problems of welfare and social capital and risks are also joint themes of different research areas.

The main research areas at the Department of Psychology are the following:

  • Developmental psychology: Longitudinal research on human cognitive, motivational, personal and socio-emotional development from childhood to middle age and to elderly.
  • Neuropsychology: Neuronal mechanisms of emotion, perception, memory and learning studied in humans and animal models. The research includes studies on depression, speech perception, dyslexia, and memory trace formation.
  • Clinical psychology and psychotherapy: Research on psychotherapy interventions and processes of change including social networks.
  • Work and organization psychology: Research on well-being at work and health.

Family research is the theme that combines the two main areas of the faculty.


Academy Professors

The board of the Academy of Finland appoints the Academy Professors. Academy Professors are researchers of national and international renown with proven academic skills and the ability to further the research in their own field. The Academy Professor is the highest research post of the Academy of Finland. Academy Professors work under the Academy of Finland, but do their research in their own organisations, universities and research institutions.

Academy Professor Kari Palonen