Faculty of Social Sciences

The new pages for Faculty of Humanities are available at https://www.jyu.fi/hytk/fi/en/.

The new pages for Department of Psychology are at https://www.jyu.fi/edupsy/fi/laitokset/psykologia/en.

General examination

The Faculty of Social Sciences has one general examination day (tenttipäivä) per month. Please check with the study advisor at the departments about how and when to sign up for a certain examination.


Registration has to be done ten days prior to the examination, exept for the summer exams (for June registration has to be done by 27th of May and for July by 30th of May). Register in Korppi. Notify the examiner about the literature you have chosen or about the other agreements that have been made.

General examination days


The room will be announced in the lobby of the Liikunta building (L building) of the University on the examination day.
The exams start always at 12 o'clock. Check the exam room for next General Examination day here:

Attending a general examination

  • On the examination day, go to the lecture room announced. You are allowed to look at the questions only after the invigilator gives permission.

  • Write your answer and leave it with the invigilator in the lecture room. The earliest possible leaving time will be written on the black/whiteboard.

  • Please show your identity card before leaving.

Preparing for a book exam - some instructions