Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy

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Research groups and projects

Political institutions, participation and conceptual change


Intellectual Traditions in Ethics and Politics

Jyväskylä Research Group on Civil Society (JYRES)

Politics and the Art (Polarts)


Counteracting Development Amnesia: Studies from the Periphery Project leader: Tiina Kontinen

East-West Conceptual contestations Project leader: Prof. Pekka Korhonen

The Great Turn of Ethno-Politics? A comparative study of the governance of native peoples in the Nordic countries and the North America from 1850s to 1930s Project leader: Prof. Miikka Pyykkönen

Growth into Citizenship in Civil Society Encounters Project leaders: Tiina Kontinen & Katariina Holma (University of Eastern Finland)

Human Sociability in Medieval Philosophy Project leader: Research fellow Juhana Toivanen

Hybridity in African civil society organizations: Examples from Tanzania and Uganda Project leader: Academy research fellow Tiina Kontinen

The Intellectual Heritage of Radical Cultural Conservatism Project leader: Prof. Mika Ojakangas

Knowledge in Post-Avicennian Islamic Philosophy Project leader: Postdoctoral researcher Jari Kaukua

Pathologies of Recognition Project leader: Prof. Jussi Kotkavirta

Philosophy and Politics of Recognition Project leader: Onni Hirvonen

Political Power in the Early Modern European and Islamic Worlds Principal investigator: Vasileios Syros

Politics of participation and democratic legitimation in European Union Project leader: Prof. Marja Keränen

Post-liberal government and popular claim-making in Southern Africa Project leader: Prof. Jeremy Gould

Self-Interest and Other-Regard in Late Ancient Ethics Project leader: Academy research fellow Miira Tuominen

Self, other and communities – Besinnung in Husserl’s phenomenology Project leader: PhD, Docent Mirja Hartimo

Subjectivity, Historicity, Communality Project leader: Prof. Sara Heinämaa

"Superdemocracy" - A Critical Assessment of the Participative Turn Project leader: Prof. Marja Keränen

Transformations of Concepts and Institutions in the European Polity (TRACE) Project leader: Prof. Niilo Kauppi


Concluded projects

Sustainability and social transformations


Cultural policy Prof. Miikka Pyykkönen

Digital Life Prof. Terhi-Anna Wislka

Food System Studies Prof. Tiina Silvasti

Time, social relations and working life Timo Anttila

UniPID Finnish University Partnership for International Development 


DIGI 50+ Project leader: Prof. Terhi-Anna Wilska

Enterprising Finland - Revisiting the attempts to solve the crisis of economy, welfare and citizenship through entrepreneurship Project leader: Prof. Miikka Pyykkönen

Future Food Security in Finland – Identifying and Analysing Vulnerability Aspects in the Finnish Food System Project leader: Prof. Tiina Silvasti

Post-industrial Work and Changing Time-Space Relations Project leader: Academy research fellow Timo Anttila

Remembering Migration Project Leader: Academy research fellow Karina Horsti

Risk-Net, Project leader: Prof. Tapio Litmanen

ScenoProt Project Leader: Prof. Tiina Silvasti

"Social license to operate": A real tool or rhetoric? Examining the mining industry in Finland, Australia and Canada Project leader: Academy research fellow Tapio Litmanen

Societal-institutional Regulation of Nuclear Fuel Cycle in Finland and Sweden Project leader: Prof. Tapio Litmanen

Time is Money? Schedules, time negotiations, time coordination and ICT in family (FamilyTies) Project leader: Mia Tammelin

TRANSMANGO: Assessment of the impact of drivers of change on Europe's food and nutrition security Principal investigator: Prof. Tiina Silvasti

Transnational Work and Evolution of Sovereignty & Industrial Citizenship projects Principal investigator: University lecturer Nathan Lillie


Concluded projects

Transforming welfare policies and practices


Care Policy (CARPO)


Alone in Society Project leader: Timo Anttila

COST Action IS1311 Intergenerational Family Solidarity across Europe (INTERFASOL)

FLOWS: Impact of Local Welfare Systems on Female Labour Force Participation and Social Cohesion Team leader/Finland: Prof. Teppo Kröger

Intergenerational Relations in Broadband Societies (iGRIB) Project leader: Academy research fellow Sakari Taipale

Linked Ageing: Interdependencies in Housing and Care in the Course of Later Life (LinkAGE) Project leader: Prof. Teppo Kröger

NORMACARE: Nordic Network for Research on Marketisation in Eldercare Team leader/JyU: Prof. Teppo Kröger

Reform and implementation of vocational rehabilitation Team leader:  Mikko Mäntysaari

Transforming welfare service system from the standpoint of women in vulnerable life situations Team leader: Prof. Marjo Kuronen

A Transnationally Informed Case Study of Relations between Global vs. Local Policies, Discourses and Practices in Child Protection Project leader: Prof. Mirja Satka


Concluded projects