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Graduate Seminar 28.1. Matias Slavov: Hume and Einstein's Special Relativity Event
Metaphysics and the Mind. Early Modern Views 30.-31.1. Event
PhD Course: Intersubjectivity and Normality 26.3.-28.5.2014 Event
PhD Course: Early Modern Philosophy of Mind 3.3. - 12.3.2014 Event
Graduate Seminar 11.2. Hans Arentshorst: Freedom in Contemporary Capitalism Event
Graduate Seminar 25.2. Joonas Pennanen: Perustavanlaatuisen kiistanalaisuuden tulkintamahdollisuudet Event
Graduate Seminar 11.3. Saana Jukola: Peer review as a social mechanism for securing objectivity Event
Graduate Seminar 6.5. Jaakko Joutsi: "Metatiede vai salaliitto?" Event
Conference: The Origins of Fichte’s Original Insight. June 26-27 2014 Event
Conference: At the Limits of Phenomenology. Helsinki, April 24-26, 2014 Event
YFI-Forum. Kari Palonen: Max Weber 1864-2014. April 16, 2014 Event
Political Theory Seminar: Adiputri, Haapala & Kivistö. March 11, 2014 Event
Nordic Network for the History of Philosophy Meeting 10-11 April 2014 Event
PhD Course: Active Perception. May 15-16, 2014 Event
Workshop for Simo Knuuttila: Modalities of Understanding. April 14, 2014 Event
Colloquium: Talouden uudet muodot. April 10-11, 2014 Event
Graduate Seminar: Pirkko Holmberg - Goethen luonnonfilosofia. March 25, 2014 Event
Graduate Seminar: Olli Pitkänen - Kant's Idea of Radical Evil. April 8, 2014 Event
The Second Finnish-Hungarian Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy. October 11-12, 2014 Event
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Intellectual Traditions in Ethics and Politics is an interdisciplinary research group working on theoretical questions concerning the nature of political agency, ethical subjectivity and human personhood.