Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy: Political Science


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Political Science

The Political Science unit in the Dept. of Social Sciences and Philosophy has a distinct international profile of its own. Studies focusing on political thought, the history of political concepts, political argumentation, world politics, and various political phenomena have contributed to the formation of the profile. As an area of research, political theory and political analysis is one of the designated areas of strength at the University of Jyväskylä.

Any phenomenon in the world may have a political dimension, and politics can thus be analysed anywhere. Political theory is needed also in empirical research, since analysis of political phenomena is essentially conceptual. Political action is rhetorical by its character: political acts are speech acts. Studying the political is to learn political reading skills. Questions of, e.g., political agency or democracy can be examined from both theoretical and empirical perspectives and at various levels from the local to the global. Modern political science no longer follows the dated distinction between general political science and international relations as in the present world politically important phenomena do not respect national frontiers.