Lucina Hagman      

Lucina Hagman was the daughter of a rural police chief from Kälviä. She went to the Swedish girls’ school in Vaasa and graduated from Jyväskylä Teacher Seminary in 1875. She worked as a teacher in Hämeenlinna and Helsinki. Lucina Hagman became the first chairperson of the Unioni, The League of Finnish Feminists (nowadays The Feminist Association Unioni). The League was founded in 1892 with the aim of improving women’s education, their working conditions and their situation both at school and at home.

Lucina Hagman was one of the founders of the first Finnish co-educational school and later worked as Head of the school. She also founded her own Finnish co-educational school: The Helsinki New Co-Educational School. Lucina Hagman founded the Sivistystä kodeille yhdistys (an association for taking education into the home) in 1899. In 1900 the association was renamed The Martha Organization. The goal was to educate the entire nation through the education of its women.

Lucina Hagman was a Member of Parliament from 1907 to 1917. She was a co-founder of Suomalainen Naisliitto (“The Finnish Women’s Union”) in 1907.

Some of the first women Members of Parliament. Tuittupää/1908.

Sources: Jyväskylän seminaari 1863 - 1937.





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