Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy

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Research at the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy

World-class research in the social sciences

The Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy is one of the leading social sciences units in Finland. In its research, this international and multidisciplinary unit focuses on social, political and cultural transformations. The department combines the expertise of researchers from philosophy, political science, sociology, social and public policy, social work, gender studies, development studies, civil society research, and political as well as cultural policy research. The focus areas of research are organised into three research clusters.

ERC Consolidator Grant

Jari Kaukua from the Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy received the prestigious and highly competitive ERC Consolidator Grant. He received 1,5 million euros for his research on islamic philosophy.

The project is funded for five years, 2016–2020.

Academy professorship

Academy of Finland has selected professor of philosophy Sara Heinämaa as Academy professor.

The 5-year professorship begins January 1st 2017.

New FiDipro programme

New Finland Distinguished Professorship started at the DSSP in 2015


"Intellectual Traditions in Ethics and Politics" is an interdisciplinary research group working on theoretical questions concerning the nature of political agency, ethical subjectivity and human personhood.


The central focus of the Jyväskylä Research Group on Civil Society (JYRES) is to advance the department’s research on civil society, social movements, activism and participation.