Department of Social Sciences and Philosophy: Gender Studies


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Gender Studies

Gender Studies analyses, theorises and challenges the meanings of sex and gender in society, in economic and political practices, and in social life and culture. Not only women and their lives, but any aspect of living and thinking structured in terms of gender is analysed and theorised. Important questions in Gender Studies include, for example, the following: How is gender constructed (How and by whom is it constructed?) in / by cultural products, media, science, different institutions (the army, church, welfare state, marriage) and everyday practices? How has the meaning of gender changed throughout history? How is gender related to questions of power and agency? Is sex a natural given? How could we conceive gender differently?

Gender Studies addresses the above questions with concepts such as sexual difference, sexual contract, hetero-patriarchy, gender system, male power, and performativity. These terms and their history and applications are discussed during the introductory course and modules such as Classics and Contemporary Classics. Both Basic Studies and Subject/Intermediate Studies include thematic modules. Students can select thematic modules according to their own interest and needs. These modules can be taken as courses offered during the academic year,  essays or book exams.

Gender Studies is a free minor, which means that all the students at the University of Jyväskylä can include our Basic Studies or Subject/Intermediate Studies as a minor for their degree.