Department of Music

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Staff and Programme


The Summer School starts on Monday the 8th of August (9 a.m.) and ends on Thursday the 18th of August (4 p.m.).  The activities include:

  • Lectures 
  • Workshops and tutorials 
  • Student poster presentations
  • Student experiments 
  • Social activities (evenings)

Here is the ISSSM2011 Schedule.


Poster Presentations

Every student is required to make a poster presentation at the ISSSM2011.


The topic is free, as long as it says something about you; the work you do, or the things you are interested in within the field of musicology. If you already have some results, you can present them, but if you are only at the beginning of your studies, the poster can be about your research plan and interests. You will get valuable feedback from the teachers and the students of the Summer School, and get to see and critique other students’ presentations.

Print your presentation on A0- or A1-size paper. If you present your poster on an A0 paper, the layout needs to be vertical. A1 poster can also be horizontal. In addition, you are required to make a pdf-version of your poster, and send it to the Summer School Assistant by Friday, Aug 6th.

Important! Print your poster BEFORE the Summer School and remember to bring it with you.