Finnish Center of Excellence in Learning and Motivation Research

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Learning and Motivation

This Centre of Excellence (CoE) integrates the cognitive and neuropsychological framework with the motivational and social learning approach in order to better understand

  • how learning difficulties come about,
  • how they develop in school and familial contexts, and
  • the kind of consequences that they have for an individuals’ developmental trajectories during their kindergarten and school years.

This integrative effort is based on combining two previous research groups, one focusing on the neuropsychological basis of learning disorders and the other on motivational factors in the school years. The two groups are complemented by a group of researchers who will bring expertise from many other relevant research fields.

As the main outcome of the CoE we will aim towards a new theoretical and empirically validated understanding of the developmental interplay between the different neurocognitive deficits and the associated motivational dynamics.

The understanding of the neuropsychological background of learning disorders and the meaning of parenting, learning experiences, and environments in the development of motivated learning  purports to validate preventive and intervention procedures for the treatment of learning disorders.
The present CoE proposal consists of the following teams:

I. Family, school, motivation and learning

II.  Preventive interventions on learning to read and related motivation

III. Motivated learning, learning difficulties and later educational transitions