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Konnevesi Research Station

Konnevesi Research Station of the University of Jyväskylä

The youngest among the university field stations in Finland, the Konnevesi Research station was established 1983. After two other construction phases in 1992 and 1997 the research station now contains a main building including a lecture hall for 100 person.,  a teaching laboratory for 30 students and offices for c.a. 15 scientists, kitchen building with dining hall, offices and a seminar room and, two dormitories, one for students (32 beds) and one for scientists (30 beds), and two guest houses (8 beds), a research building (1400 sq.m) and small workshops for wood  and metal work. The staff is 8 permanent workers and occasional temporary employees.

Research hall of the Research Station gives excellent possibilities for experimental work with aquatic and terrestrial animals and plants. It includes a large aquatic research hall, a large avian laboratory, smaller arena rooms, rooms for maintenance of experimental animal and plant populations under controlled conditions and a green house.

Konnevesi Research Station has become famous on experimental ecology, both on terrestrial and aquatic one. The main area of research fields contain evolutionary ecology and behavioural ecology, signal evolution, mate choice, mammalian life histories and  host - parasite interactions.

Konnevesi Research Station is known for its hospitality among researchers from many countries. With its modern computers and internet services, new lecture hall, comfortable  accommodation surrounded by typical central Finnish nature, and with famous good kitchen services it is open for all scientists and students locally for Jyväskylä and Kuopio universities, but for domestic and international researchers, teachers and students for intensive working periods.

Map of the Station


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Konnevesi Research Station

Sirkkamäentie 220
FI-44300 Konnevesi
Tel. +358 40 529 4756