Wireless network

The University of Jyväskylä provides a wireless network on its campus areas.

The wireless networks that are in use are

  • jyu-student - for students
  • jyu-staff - for staff
  • jyu-guest - for guests
  • eduroam - roaming access around the world on the campuses of many different academic institutions

    JYU students and staff should primarily use jyu-student and jyu-staff networks on the JYU campus. The networks allow access to certain intra-services that are not available through eduroam.


The staff and students need to have a working University of Jyväskylä user account to use the wireless network. There is however an exception: in Agora there is a wireless network called agora-open, but using this is not recommended if there is a possibility that you can use the student or staff network.

The jyu-student, jyu-staff and eduroam networks may require changing settings before working; they might not work directly with the University of Jyväskylä user account and password without setting specific settings.

Guides for starting the use of the wireless networks:


Eduroam - the wireless network of the academic world

Eduroam is a world-wide roaming access service that enables access to the wireless network of different academic institutions. Logging in to the network is done by using the user accounts of each organization that uses eduroam. This means that where ever eduroam is available, you can login to the wireless network by using your JYU username + password.

Eduroam is primarily intended for people travelling around the world to many different academic institutions. Eduroam network can be used on JYU campus as well as at many different places around the world.

If you are a student or staff at JYU, you can use the free wireless network where Eduroam is available.

If you are a student or a staff member at the University of Jyväskylä, please always use jyu-student or jyu-staff networks when on the JYU campus area. Both networks allow access to certain services that are restricted to intra-network. Eduroam is a more restricted network and is primarily meant for non-JYU users at the JYU campus, and JYU students + staff when they are visiting other academic institutions.

Eduroam coverage area can be found here: www.eduroam.org