Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies

Culture, art and music are recognised as basic human values, the meaning of which pervade the different domains of society more thoroughly than ever before. The Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies is the leading producer of education and research in its field. The research and education conducted by the department interprets creative human activity and its products, providing them with meaning.

We are an active and interdisciplinary actor that solves wicked problems in the rapidly changing world of cultures and communities. The department provides information technology with a human angle by participating in the development of information technologies and especially of its contents. Our aim is to become a key expert in the area of well-being and spiritual health that is founded on musical, artistic, and cultural content.


The Department of Art and Culture Studies and the Department of Music merged into the Department of Music, Art and Culture Studies on 1 Jan 2017. This is the website of the new department (Mutku) and some of the content will be updated in accordance with the policies of the new department during 2017.

If you have any questions about the website, please contact amanuensis Juha Teppo.