Faculty of Mathematics and Science


The faculty has five Centre of Excellence nominated by the Academy of Finland.

The Faculty of Mathematics and Science

General information about the faculty

The faculty was founded in 1965. It has four departments located in the Mattilanniemi and  Ylistönrinne campuses. Roughly 2300 students are enrolled in the faculty. The number of staff is about 560.

Departments with the fields of research and disciplines:

The Academy of Finland has nominated Biological Interactions Research, Nuclear and Accelerator Based Research, Low Temperature Quantum Phenomena and Devices (together with the Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland)the Finnish Center of Excellence in Analysis and Dynamics Research (together with the University of Helsinki), and Inverse Problems Research (together with the University of Helsinki and five other universities) as Centres of Excellence and Kari Rissanen (Structural and Synthetic Supramolecular) and Hannu Häkkinen (Computational Nanoscience) as Academy Professors. In addition in three FiDiPro (Finland Distinguished Professor Programme) professors, Prof. Holland Cheng (molecular and cellular biology), Prof. Nicola Fusco (mathematical analysis) and Prof. Jacek Dobaczewski (nuclear structure), work in the faculty.

Annual reports of the faculty: