Doctoral studies

 The Faculty of Science provides high-quality post-graduate education and conducts research led by top researchers. Doctoral education involves full-time study, which includes a number of courses and a thesis. Besides acquiring in-depth knowledge of a field of study, you will also cultivate your critical and analytical thinking. Post graduate degrees in the Faculty are Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) and Licentiate of Philosophy (Ph.Lic). After completing the Master’s Degree, the Doctoral Degree takes four years on full-time basis and completing the Ph.Lic degree takes two years.

In University of Jyväskylä the Graduate School for Doctoral Studies steers the implementation of doctoral training in the faculties. Doctoral schools operate at the faculty level. Faculties admit doctoral students, organize training and award degrees. At the practice level, doctoral training is implemented in doctoral programmes:

Doctoral programme in Biological and Environmental Science (Head of the programme prof. Johanna Mappes)

Doctoral programme in Physics (head of the programme prof. Markku Kataja)

Doctoral Programme in Chemistry (head of the programme prof. Karoliina Honkala)

Doctoral Programme in Mathematics and Statistics (head of the programme prof. Tero Kilpeläinen)

Further information

  • If you have any questions about Faculty Doctoral School, please contact Sari Eronen, doctoral-studies-science[at]jyu.fi or +358 40 805 3457.